Industrial & Mobile Equipment

We can do the heavy lifting for your equipment control needs. Industrial equipment OEMs and rental fleet managers face increasing demand for performance and functionality as they move to electronic engines. We engineer top-quality design and turnkey solutions. Rugged Murphy-brand components are also built to survive wear, tear and weather just like your equipment.

From engine manufacturers to OEM equipment packagers, Murphy customers worldwide rely on our dependable components, panels and wiring systems for the monitoring, control and protection of their stationary and trailer-mounted engine applications.

If you are in the pumping, power generation or equipment rental business, or manufacture any industrial engine-driven equipment, Murphy has the right solutions for maximum engine control, monitoring and protection. Murphy industrial products are designed to help our customers manage the new technology required to meet ever-changing environmental emissions regulations for diesel and spark ignited engines.

We’ve led the way helping our customers meet these changing requirements in instrumentation with our J1939 MurphyLink® system, which provides operators with access to the information available with ECU-based, CAN J1939 engines. Now our latest PowerView® displays and PowerCore® controllers go a step further, with an increased focus on the operator interface, and flexibility for your application. Most of these devices feature best-in-class environmental protection, for durable use inside or out, time and time again.

Murphy also continues to provide traditional products like gauges, sensors/switches, controllers and panels for use on non-ECU ‘mechanical’ engines. Many products work with old and new engine types, standardizing the operator interface for mixed and transitioning equipment fleets.

Some of the applications we serve include:

  • Engines and power units
  • Pumps: industrial, dewatering and fire pumps
  • Pumps: irrigation
  • Genset
  • Lighting towers
  • Air compression
  • Chippers & shredders
  • Crushers & screeners

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