Recreational & Commercial Marine

Enovation Controls dominates the recreational marine market by delivering innovative display, infotainment and connected solutions every model year. Our Zero Off technology enables precision speed control for wakeboarders and skiers, giving riders a premium ride with ultimate control. Commercial marine is served with our traditional display, control and instrumentation products.

Enovation Controls built a dedicated following in the recreational marine industry by pioneering CAN-based display, instrument and control systems. We built those strong partnerships with boat builders who need fully integrated, branded systems.

Boat builders get simplified systems and wiring, better reliability and in-depth diagnostics, plus customized software and branding. End-users get displays with consumer-grade graphics, features and connectivity.

And all our equipment is built to last, with best-in-class environmental protection against water ingress, temperature and shock/vibration.

Marine solutions include:

  • Single or multiple displays and gauges
  • Power Distribution Modules and I/O for trim control, pumps & fans, lighting, sensors, etc.
  • GPS modules
  • Zero Off controls: precision, GPS-based speed control for tow sport and sterndrive boats
  • Infotainment & mobile device connectivity


We are relentless in pursuing improved user experiences and performance-enhancing technology. Our display solutions boast ease-of-use, intuitive design, and rich customization. With best-in-class viewability and a wide range of sizes, there’s an Enovation Controls display suited for any equipment application.


Designed to elevate the user experience, these cutting-edge applications put customization at your fingertips, allowing developers and users alike to tailor PowerView or OpenView display interfaces and configure controllers and panels with unparalleled ease. If you require technical assistance in using these software tools, please contact us.


Take your integration to the next level with superior control, enhanced diagnostics and increased efficiency. Our rugged power distribution, CAN I/O and fan control modules are designed to complete any system for total equipment control.

Legacy Products

A curated collection of timeless solutions that transcend trends. Whether less popular or outdated, these offerings remain available for purchase, some even ranking among our top sellers. With over 70 years of expertise, we provides cost-effective products for monitoring and controlling pumps, generators, and more. Trust in our legacy to deliver reliable, tailored solutions that have stood the test of time in industrial operations.

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