Enovation in Action: Zero Off® GPS Speed Control

Why is the Zero Off GPS Speed Control system so essential for wakesport athletes? Just ask multi-time world and national water ski jump champion Freddy “The Nightmare” Krueger. Zero Off’s speed control technology is evolving from simple displays to highly configurable touch-screen experiences integrated into the latest boats from major OEMs. Powered by the engineering expertise at Enovation Controls, Zero Off unlocks a consistent experience for wakesport athletes and enthusiasts.

There really is no comparing an average driver to Zero Off. What makes Zero Off essential for wakesport athletes is the consistency of the pull. Hundredths of a second make such a difference. Any inconsistency with what the boat is doing on the athlete can completely ruin a run. Anywhere in the world you can get behind a boat that has Zero Off on it and you know what to expect, you know it’s going to be consistent, and it really changes the mindset for the athlete to attack the course or the ramp. Forget the average driver, there’s not a driver in the world that can give you the kind of consistency that Zero Off can.
Freddy Krueger, Champion Ski Jumper

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