How to Plan Your Next Display Project: Success for the Future

How do you turn big ideas into a display? The design possibilities of what you can do for your equipment can seem endless, but Enovation Controls and its integration partners have the experience and skill to help you build your dream display. Whether you are looking for a simple system interface or an innovative infotainment solution, we can help you execute your plans and exceed your expectations for your next project.

For this article, we talked to software design engineer Asish Madhavaram to learn more about the process of planning and building a display, what to expect when you partner with Enovation Controls and how we make your experience as seamless as possible.

Q: Can you take us through the process of how you typically start a display project? What is the first step?
A (Asish): In the initial stages of the project, we make sure to outline the problems the customer is currently facing and what their main goals are for their display. We deal with a wide range of customers – some customers know exactly what they want, and some customers are unsure of the specifics in what they are needing for their equipment. We encourage them to submit a requirements document so that we have them documented and signed off by everyone. In cases where our customer is not sure what they need, our application engineering team can step in, analyze their situation and Clear a Path by developing a project requirement document for them. With requirements submitted to our team, we scope the project and write out a plan on what needs to be accomplished.

Q: What is the behind-the-scenes process of creating the user interface design and software for our displays?
A: After we meet with the customer and learn about all the features they would like to implement in the software/design, we team up with our UI/UX team (user interface and user experience) to discuss these goals and present an example of what the display UI will look like. This is an iterative process that we go through until the customer approves the design. After the design is approved, we will start the software development process where we implement all the requirements.

Q: How do you manage working on projects for different industries?
A: We deal with a variety of customers in different industries and every customer we have has unique requirements and problems they need to solve. We have a lot of expertise in solving complex issues and use previous knowledge we gain from other projects and apply those solutions to future projects. Our products have proven to be flexible in nature and allow us to provide tailored hardware and software solutions specific to what our customer is looking for.

Q: Once you have completed the project with the customer, how involved are you after the production version is released?
A: We are very hands on throughout the entire display development process, including after the project is considered complete. If there is ever a question that they have about the usability of the display, or they decide after implementing the display into their machinery and using it for a while that they aren’t happy with the experience they are having with certain features, we are happy to get on a call or visit in person when needed to solve any problems they might be facing.

Enovation Controls and our integration partners are ready to be an extension of your team when working with you on your design projects. We have the expertise and interconnected engineering, design and sales teams to conquer complex issues and address your application needs as effectively as possible.


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