Premier Distributor Spotlight: Iowa Fluid Power (IFP)

Iowa Fluid Power (IFP) is a growing motion control corporation headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Their customers include industrial and mobile OEMs, industrial manufacturers, and users of fluid power technologies. Combined with their knowledgeable sales team and expansive inventory, IFP can design, prototype, manufacture, and service any conceivable motion control system.

We spoke with IFP Director of Marketing Sara De Berg to learn more about how IFP utilizes their expertise to provide customized system solutions for their customers.

What advantages does your company cultures provide the marketplace?
Sara: Respect and fairness are the bedrock qualities of our company culture. We stress transparent communication. We strive to ensure everyone is involved, relevant and heard. Our company supports physical, financial, and mental well-being. We encourage employees to regularly evaluate internal processes to help improve them. This curbs stagnation, improves efficiency, and spurs profitable growth. It’s not all work and no play, however IFP believes in a satisfying work-life balance. We make some time for fun and relaxation every day.

What unique needs do your customer have and how do you solve them?
Sara: We are a full-service fluid power and electronics systems and controls manufacturer located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We have the capability of satisfying all your fluid power needs from standard “base-pak” vertical power unites and pneumatic systems to full-service custom solutions and custom manufactured components. Our capabilities include:

  • Rapid Response Delivery – We pre-design and stock sub-components allowing us to deliver custom-designed power units in as little as one day.
  • Rapid Response Design – Our unique approach enables us to provide a level of design and documentation few others can achieve.
  • Leading Technologies – Our capabilities include variable displacement pumps with horsepower limiting, servo and proportional valves, open and closed loop control, and position control with linear and rotary transducers.
  • All System Sizes – We design and engineer systems of all sizes from small units requiring fractional horsepower to large-scale electro-hydraulic systems.
  • Turnkey Systems – We can provide our customers with a complete turnkey project from concept through installation and start up.

What is a competitive advantage you provide your customers?
Sara: (1) Improving their equipment through electronic controls, (2) increasing productivity through automation and intuitive designs, (3) improved trouble shooting/diagnostics with display screens showing inputs/output values, (4) CAN mapping, (5) functional interlock maps, (6) flexibility in manufacturing, and (7) using one program and then selecting models/options installed on the display.

What trends do you find important for 2021 and how would you use Murphy products to address those needs?
Sara: (1) Telematics:

  • Using a telematics solution to run simple machine controls and view data.
  • There is a need for a telematics package with additional capabilities and flexibility.
  • We are excited to see where Enovation Controls takes their telematics technologies.

(2) Incorporating non-hydraulic (higher amp) machine items into the control system like lights, fans, motors and clutches:

  • We have been using the Intelligent Xpansion™ Power Distribution Module for this.
  • The new design is simplifying the process and getting high inrush loads working.
  • We are starting to use the MC4-21-14-H8 to combine higher load items with hydraulic valve controls into one device.

(3) A need for larger displays:

  • We are eager to see what Enovation Controls has planned for their PowerView display lineup.

(4) Combining machine controls in combination with engine controls:

  • Using the PowerCore® MPC-10 outside of its traditional machine control capabilities.

Why do you tell your customer to use Murphy products?
Sara: There is a large selection of displays – from small monochrome displays to large color displays that are easy to see in direct sunlight. Murphy products are made for the rough mobile environment. The support after the sale is also excellent and they are made in the USA!

How does your company conquer complexity by integrating Murphy products into system solutions?
Sara: Application Expertise – hydraulic and electronic. Programming Expertise – putting the application requirements into a workable solution.

What is the most interesting use of Murphy products you have seen a customer use?
Sara: We had a customer use a PV1100 display as a dual-purpose display – engine dash and machine control at the same time. You are able to select one of 5 screens for both the top and bottom.


IFP will be exhibiting at Utility Expo September 28 – 30! Don’t forget to stop by and visit them at booth A1550.

For more information about IFP visit

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