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Enovation Controls® provides a variety of system solutions for an expansive range of applications. Whether your goal is to update your machine, protect your equipment or extend its lifetime use, our controls and displays work in tandem to improve the end-user experience for your equipment. 

When searching for a product solution to update your equipment, a great place to start is with our IX3212 Intelligent Xpansion™ Power Distribution Module. The PDM is a CAN I/O module that features expanded I/O by replacing existing relay and fuse boxes with more reliable solid-state switches that can directly drive work lights, wipe motors, cooling fans, directional DC motors and other high current loads. Our PDM can be programmed to work like a Swichgage®, with fail-safe protection features that inhibit damage to your equipment in the event of a failure, extending the life and quality of your machine’s operation. The PDM allows you to simplify and shorten harness design, cutting down on wire harness costs. It also provides reliability without sacrificing cost, proving that not all upgrades have to be a big expense.

Read more about how the IX3212 Intelligent Xpansion™ Module can improve your application.

In addition to reliability, HMI design and usability is also a vital part of your equipment’s operation. Our display families, PowerView® tactile button displays and PowerView® glass-front displays, serve as a great alternative to a gauge cluster in an industrial panel or dashboard. Our glass-front displays allow you to expand on and interact with the information you receive from your machine, giving you better control of your equipment. Both the tactile button and glass-front product offerings provide the latest features and diagnostic abilities that can be quickly and easily accessed on an LCD screen. Whether you prefer tactile pushbuttons or a sleek touchscreen, our customized displays are designed to be a perfect fit for almost any application, and each provide best in class sunlight viewability. Rated IP67 and IP69k, our displays are protected from high temperatures, water pressure and ingression of dust and like materials. PowerView® displays are rugged and built to last in any condition or environment.

Our displays, I/O modules and machine controllers are designed to provide you with long-term machine solutions and make your job easier. If you want to enhance the user experience by upgrading your display, or gain more fine-tuned control of your machine, we provide customized products perfectly suited for your applications.

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