Authorized Distributor Spotlight: Warden Electric Company

Warden Electric Company is a fourth generation represented company located in Paducah, Kentucky. The company has been in business since 1937 and has been serving the needs of the electro-mechanical industry ever since. In 2018, they were named an EASA Accredited facility, which recognizes them as a top service center within their industry (1 of 136 in the world, at the time of this writing). Warden Electric has been distributing Murphy by Enovation Controls products for almost fifteen years and has been an Authorized Distributor since 2009.

We spoke with Warden Electric Vice President Rob Warden and Technical Sales Representative Dave Blye to learn more about how they provide complete solutions and support for customers in diverse markets.


What advantages does your company culture provide the marketplace?

Rob: We are a lot like Murphy in that we’ve been around for over three quarters of a century (we’re technically two years older!) and from that, we’ve earned the trust from our customers as being a knowledgeable resource when reliability matters. We’re a diverse company, split by service and sales, and within those, it’s our approach to the applications we work on or the products we sell that affords us a competitive advantage.

Dave: Warden Electric has always had a “customer first” core philosophy. I am always amazed at how easy it is to stand out from the crowd by simply having a servant’s spirit and providing a positive customer experience. When a customer calls, they have a problem in need of a solution. By providing a rapid solution instead of an excuse, we provide that positive experience.


What unique needs do your customers have and how do you solve them?

Rob: When we first started with Murphy, we were simply providing small, one-time replenishment solutions to the inland marine industry. It wasn’t until we expanded into other markets and territories that we began to see the value in being a solutions-provider, in addition to a stocking distributor. By exploring these needs and talking to our customers, we are then able to create a custom solution by partnering with Murphy by Enovation Controls.

Dave: We have a very diverse customer base. Agriculture, off-highway, power generation, commercial marine and occasionally the really unique ones, like a hovercraft manufacturer looking for PowerView® displays and configuration. We are not only able to provide the hardware they need, but also the application specific configurations and harnessing. We also maintain in-house technical support to assist with installation and operation problems they may have.


What is a competitive advantage you provide your customers?

Rob: On the customer side, we are available anytime, and we have a healthy inventory that is specific to their needs. Our territory is such that our dealers and most of our customers are only a day away from receiving their orders. To give our customers their own advantage, we work closely with them and act as a support resource for areas they may not be familiar with.

Dave: We have developed a territory stocking dealer network that allows the end-users quick access to the parts they need. By providing sales, product and technical training to our dealers, they are able to provide solutions directly to their customers. In the event that a problem is “out of their wheelhouse”, we gladly provide technical support directly to their customer.


What trends do you find important for 2020 and how do you use Murphy products to address those needs?

Rob: I believe displays, specifically touchscreen displays, will have increased demand in 2020 as end-users continue to see the ease and comfort of using such devices. Our goal is to take that hardware and present it to the customer that is not only customized to their needs through programming, but their business operation as well. We’ve sold and implemented telematics devices and the potential for that is really exciting.


Why do you tell your customers to use Murphy products?

Rob: Murphy products are time-tested, dependable products that most anyone can install and use. In the time that we have been distributing Murphy, very rarely have we had to “sell” the product outside of using the name or putting it up against the competition. I believe anyone that has experience within the industry that Murphy is serving has probably at some point come across a Murphy product and can see the value it provides, yet the simplicity of its operation.

Dave: Generally, we don’t have to. Murphy products have such a long-standing reputation for innovation and rock-solid reliability that it is already their go to solution. When representing a new product as a solution, the Murphy name adds credibility and goes a long way to close the sale.


How does your company conquer complexity by integrating Murphy products into system solutions?

Rob: We are a complete solutions provider to the customer and able to support their needs 24/7/365. With the programmable options that Murphy provides now and through our programming experience, we can customize a device tailored specifically to their application. This works exceptionally well in industries where the Murphy name is already strong, coupled with our ability to provide a rather quick turn-around on such options that would normally take weeks or months at the manufacturer-level.

Dave: PowerVision® is an extremely powerful tool. It is very rare that a customer has an application we cannot accommodate. With a little creativity and an understanding of the capabilities of PowerCore® controllers and PowerView® displays, it is rare that a customer has an application that we cannot provide a solution for. Add to that the XM500 – the “Swiss Army Knife”- and the sky is the limit.


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