Enovation Controls is known for its Murphy gauges, and there's a good reason why. They're durable and dependable. They're highly accurate and long-lasting. We didn't make them so popular – our customers did. We just make them solid and reliable every time.

Swichgage® & Murphygage® instruments

2 and 2.5-inch (51 and 64 mm) dial Swichgage instruments for temperature, pressure, vacuum and differential pressure.

PowerView® Gauges

Standalone SAE J1939 CAN gauges

Electric Swichgage® instruments

Electric gauge and electric Swichgage instruments and senders

AT / ATH Tachometers

Tachometers and tachometer/hourmeters.

TM Series Hourmeters

Electromechanical Hourmeters


Digital tachometer

Exhaust Pyrometers

Single and dual port pyrometers.

OPL Series

The 4.5-inch (114 MM) dial pressure gage and Swichgage instrument.

45APE Series

The 4.5-inch (114 MM) dial pressure Swichgage instrument for Magneto, CD and battery ignition system.


The 4.5-inch (114 MM) dial lead line pressure gage and Swichgage instrument.