Revolutionizing Emergency Response: IPU Group + ULEMCo Unveil Electric Ambulance with Enovation Controls PV500 Display

In collaboration with IPU Group, Enovation Controls’ premier distributor, ULEMCo unveils its latest breakthrough in ambulance technology. Engineered for congested urban journeys, the cutting-edge ambulance is equipped with the state-of-the-art PV500 display. Boasting a 5” full-color edge-to-edge interface, this display seamlessly integrates vital engine information, providing operators with real-time insights into hydrogen tank pressure, consumption, fuel cell coolant temperature, tank, and battery levels. Positioned strategically above the steering wheel, the optically-bonded LCD screen ensures clear visibility, even in direct sunlight. Thanks to the unwavering efforts of IPU Group, this innovation sets a new standard in enhancing operator control and safety for emergency vehicles navigating the challenges of urban environments.

Read the full news story from IPU Group here.

Read the case study here.

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