Navigating Excellence: Kaiser Soze SL and EBengineering’s Journey with the EBcontroller

In a recent conversation with our Premier Distributor, Kaiser Soze SL, we discussed an exciting new project they are undertaking with their customer, EBengineering. The project involves the development of a product they call EBcontroller, which has been derived from the PV450. The main objective of the EBcontroller is to provide users with a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. This new product aims to enhance the overall user experience and make it more convenient for individuals to access and control various functionalities.

Below is a recap of the conversation between Kaiser Soze SL and EBengineering explaining the evolution of the EBController.

Kaiser: We have been in business for over 10 years since we began our journey in 2012. When and how did you hear that our displays could have a solution to your project with EBengineering?

EBengineering: We started our journey with great enthusiasm, but little knowledge of what the market offered us. We were testing different platforms and they always fell short in performance, versatility, and management power of all the variables and functions that we needed to implement in our designs. Finally, and after testing three disappointing platforms, we discovered MURPHY and E control and that’s when we realized the possibilities offered by the MURPHY and E control portfolio. A product that complies with the three golden rules when considering a design under a fixed platform: After-sales service and technical attention, problem solving focused on customer satisfaction and guarantee in a timely manner without wasting time that affects a bad image with our end customer.

Kaiser: Is EBengineering a bet by Elias Blanco SL to advance in a very dynamic market, what do you think the trend in your segment can be?

EBengineering: Our activity revolves around internal combustion engines and all its aspects, as well as automation and process optimization. We want to stay on the “bandwagon” of the latest advances in multiplexed technology, telematics systems, electronic regulation and control, on-board electronics and above all specific solutions tailored to our clients without the need for them to go to large-scale manufacturers that They only provide partial solutions without going to the heart of their problem and giving them a specific and competitive design. It is there where we move with ease and where our creative process reaches its culmination by designing both a control app and an electronic unit with its corresponding SW that provides a solution for the client. MURPHY products cover a very wide range of designs at the HW level to which we then implement our SW algorithms.

Kaiser: Are you currently applying the PV450 model, do you plan to configure any other model?

EBengineering: Not just the PV450, we are also doing designs with the PV780 and PV485. It all depends on the power we need for each project, but it is true that the PV450 is the star of our products. We miss a team that can connect to the internet via WIFI and that can be loaded with SW for geolocation.  We choose the model based on the type of project and above all because of the capacity or power of the microprocessor. There are several factors that influence when choosing one team or another.

Kaiser: The main application is for the control of generator sets. But have you investigated other markets or clients?

EBengineering: The main application is that of multiplexed control of both generator sets and any other type of variable speed engine. We have developed SW for motor control and monitoring. Also, for the control of servo actuators and synchronization of several motors working simultaneously.

Kaiser: Your video clearly explain how it works, but could you tell us what or what these are?

EBengineering: The use of EBcontroller is basically indicated for professionals in the multiplexed engine repair sector (Industrial/nautical) who need a tool aimed at replacing the set of units necessary to display operating and control data, and thus have full control. of the entire system, all of this aimed at improving the repair and testing of possible failures.

To learn more, watch the video:

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