Celebrating our Partnership with Nautique Boat Company

 In a recent press release, Enovation Controls proudly announced its latest collaboration with Nautique Boat Company, showcasing synergy and partnership. This collaboration highlights the integration of Enovation Controls’ state-of-the-art PVU150 display technology in Nautique’s range of high-performance Paragon boats, underlining a shared commitment to excellence in the marine industry.

The partnership between Nautique Boat Company and Enovation Controls stands as an example of what can be achieved when mutual respect and shared goals form the basis of collaboration. This relationship is not just about business; it’s a model of successful teamwork and synergy. 

Recently, Nautique Boat Company took a moment to celebrate this journey, among others, with the careful selection of its vendors by releasing a captivating partnership video. This video, where Enovation Controls is featured, goes beyond being just visually appealing; it narrates the story of our united commitment to excellence.

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