Brand Window

Commercial Vehicles

We are a leader in the design, engineering and production of natural gas engine control and fuel systems for OEMs around the globe. We are the largest CNG and LNG control systems supplier in the industry with more than 170,000 truck and bus systems in use globally.

Natural Gas Compression

We are the trusted leader in the natural gas compression market offering customized control panels as well as instrumentation, engine management, ignition and emission systems. Our solutions lead the industry with superior products, cutting-edge technologies and unparalleled customer support.

Material Handling

We offer complete engine management systems for LPG, natural gas, diesel and gasoline-based engines for material handling applications from light-duty fork lifts to heavy-duty mobile crane units.


We provide a range of customizable controllers to meet the needs of engine-driven pumping and irrigation applications.


We provide industry-leading, easy-to-read displays and gages for CAN transmitted engine data and faults. Our expertise in J1939 engine protocol, and our rugged and reliable designs make us the trusted choice of major engine and equipment OEMs.

Recreational and Commercial Marine

We combine high-quality displays and controls to provide industry-leading integrated solutions. In addition to our diverse array of monochrome and color displays, we offer the Zero Off GPS Speed Control system for competitive wakeboard and ski boats. For the commercial marine market, we offer solutions for mechanical and electronic engines.

Two Powerful Brands, Trusted Application Knowledge, A Team Approach to Enovation


Enovation Controls, LLC combines the wide-ranging control and display capabilities of the Murphy brand with the extensive engine control expertise of the EControls brand to provide customers with a complete solution approach for engine control, protection and monitoring.

Enovation Controls is a leader in the highly attractive, fast growing natural gas market. The company's systems-based solutions are utilized in many markets including: commercial vehicles, natural gas compression and liquids, off-highway, material handling, agriculture and both recreational and commercial marine.

Customer focus and innovation are at the core of the company’s commitment to continuous improvement, enabling Enovation Controls to deliver a broad range of innovative control and monitoring solutions for engines and engine-driven equipment to customers around the world.


Our Core Values

Enovation Controls takes pride in being an enjoyable and challenging place to work as well as a great partner in business. We have defined five core values for ourselves to continue to grow those relationships; they include: Customer Focus, Innovation, Ethics, Fanatical Excellence and Fun.


See Our Facilities

Our combination of world-class people and facilities allows Enovation Controls to design and deliver revolutionary products and services. Enovation Controls' facilities have been highlighted by Manufacturing Marvels on the Fox Business Network. Click the above link to see the videos.



We look for good communicators who embrace change, can break complex problems down into simple elements, can provide innovative outlooks and have a strong sense of urgency. If you have these skills you could be headed for a great career at Enovation Controls.