Streamline Setup with Murphy Ready to Run Panels for Doosan® Engines

Tired of searching for parts and putting together a piecemeal system to control your Doosan engine? With custom solutions from Enovation Controls, those days are over. Murphy-brand Ready to Run panels for Doosan® engines put power in your hands. Murphy’s RTR panels for Doosan® engines are a complete engine control package including a control box with mounted industrial controller, protected ECU mount and a specially fitted engine harness designed for Final Tier 4 Doosan engines. With accessories like these, Ready to Run panels are ready right out of the box for quick installation and allow for several mounting configurations.

In the engine business, downtime is a dirty word. Murphy’s plug-and-play RTR panels will get you up and running quickly with a complete package that saves you valuable time on the shop floor. Time is money, and with RTR, you won’t waste time searching for parts to make a compromised solution at a higher cost than a plug-and-play RTR solution.

Murphy RTR panels for Doosan engines are compatible with the following engine series:

  • D18 and D24 engines
  • D34 LHP engines
  • D34 SCR engines
  • D10 engines (See Below for Details)

Available panel options for D18/D24/D34 engines include:

  • The MurphyLink® 2000-4X, the most advanced auto-start solution for Doosan engines. This panel features a large sunlight-viewable 3.8-inch monochrome LCD, includes a hinged door for added protection and can be configured to shut down with included I/O or with the I/O connector kit.
  • The MurphyLink® 1000-4x, featuring a hinged door for extra protection for your display. This panel is also an economical auto-start solution and includes the same built-in and additional shutdowns as the TEC-10.
  • The PowerCore® TEC-10, which includes built-in shutdown from low oil pressure, high temperature and high speed. This economical auto-start solution also features additional shutdown which can be configured using the included I/O.
  • The MLC380, which features a rugged power-coated steel enclosure that can be mounted on or near the engine. The MLC380 is an economical engine monitoring solution with built-in shutdown from low oil pressure.

For D10 engines, a special display and harness kit is available. The kit includes a PV380 display, on/off switches, engine harness, ECU bracket and relays. A sheet metal enclosure kit for mounting the PV380 display and on/off switch mounts to the ECU bracket is also available.

All RTR solutions for Doosan engines are Final Tier 4-ready and user-configurable directly from the keypad. Adjustable RPM set points and built-in shutdowns for common engine warnings make your setup quick and easy. The ML2000-4X, ML1000-4X and TEC-10 panels are IP67-rated to withstand harsh environments and included harnessing makes connecting an RTR panel to your Doosan engine a breeze.

Murphy RTR panels for Doosan engines also offer a variety of accessories, including fuel level senders, harnesses and an I/O connector kit to make monitoring and controlling your Doosan engine easy.

Don’t have a Doosan engine? Murphy RTR panels for Doosan engines are just a part of Enovation Controls’ total panel offering. MurphyLink® series panels utilize the latest PowerCore controller and PowerView display technologies. These panels come in a variety of models with various levels of features and functionality for powerful control on the simplest mechanical engines or the most advanced, fully electronic Tier 4 engines. Pair a MurphyLink panel with Murphy Industrial Harnesses to simplify your engine connection with harnessing built to the specifications of each engine manufacturer and customer. Additional standard Ready to Run panels are also available for MTU® and ISUZU® engines.

Save time, money and effort—it all adds up to Ready to Run as the perfect solution. To learn more about adding Murphy RTR panels to your engines, contact your Murphy by Enovation Controls sales representative.

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