Premier Distributor Spotlight: Dedalo Tecnologie

Dedalo Tecnologie S.r.l. works as a System Integrator in Italy with more than twenty years of experience in the on/off-highway, agricultural and stationary markets. Dedalo distributes components and develops systems customized for clients. With a wide range of electronic components and accessories, they combine integrated solutions for the control, monitoring and automation of machines and power stations.

We spoke with Dedalo OEM Sales Manager Stefano Di Lazzaro to learn more about how the company utilizes their system integration expertise to provide custom-built and more efficient solutions for their customers.



What advantages does your company culture provide the marketplace?

Stefano: The company’s DNA has always been based on great knowledge in order to develop systems to support our customers and their applications. Our value added is how we work together with a consultancy approach to offer a better solution.


What unique needs do your customers have and how do you solve them?

Stefano: The customers looking for a strategic partner are able to develop ready-to-use packages and systems. Since we are a System Integrator, our plug-and-play solutions help save the client time and resources for their projects.



What competitive advantage do you provide your customers?

Stefano: Every customer is looking for a partner, not only a supplier. Our ability to engineer brings savings of resources and energy, and in turn provides reliable products for their company.


What trends do you find important for 2020 and how would you use Murphy products to address those needs?

Stefano: Our trend and focus for 2020 in this sector is innovation and technological progress, efficiency, interactivity and product customization. We work to develop systems and products with these characteristics, and Murphy is in line to help us with this.


Why do you tell your customers to use Murphy products?

Stefano: With Murphy products, we are able to reach the efficiency levels and integration that our customers are looking for.


How does your company conquer complexity by integrating Murphy products into system solutions?

Stefano: As a System Integrator, we are able to provide 360° customer assistance. It means having an excellent know-how about all the systems that make up the machine. Programming expertise, service, sales and after-sales are a must and are something we provide.



What is the most interesting use of Murphy products you have seen a customer use?

Stefano: In five years, we have created more than 180 applications in every sector. For us, every one of those applications is interesting because every time is a new challenge.



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