National Boss’s Day 2020: Q&A with Jinger McPeak

We are thankful for the leadership at Enovation Controls, and in celebration of National Boss’s Day, we’re recognizing our boss and President, Jinger McPeak. Check out this exclusive Q&A to learn more about her experience leading the company. 


What is your favorite part of being a boss?  

Jinger: This is a hard one. Probably having the ability to see all the information and data and then getting the opportunity to make the decision that I think is best for the person and the situation. The decision that needs to be made isn’t always in black and white or the one they teach you in the book and that is what makes it hard to make sure you are always doing the right thing. I love seeing someone feel good about being a part of the Enovation Controls family. 


What are some challenges you have faced when running a business during a pandemic? How do you feel you have overcome many of those challenges this year? 

Jinger: Making the right decisions for people and their safety, while also keeping the business safe has been our main priority and everyone at Enovation Controls has been exceedingly committed to this priority. Another challenge was when the world was thrown into an instant “science fair project” with sending people home from work and school. With that there have been additional challenges in keeping people connected and managing the additional stress of the season we are all in. Everyone at Enovation Controls has continued to be true to the core values and reach out and take care of one another.  Our employees are the best and most resilient in the world.   


Enovation Controls was recognized as a 2020 Fortune Magazine Best Workplaces in Manufacturing and Production and ranked #4 on the list, as well as certified as a Great Place to Work for the second year in a row. What makes Enovation Controls a unique and competitive workplace and how do you help to ensure that the company holds true to its unique identity? 

Jinger: The people at Enovation Controls make the difference. There is a long history and culture of taking care of each other while taking care of business. The culture allows for people to challenge each other and that creates an environment where people can grow and be excited.  We are always finding new ways to reinvent ourselves from a business perspective and the people meet the challenges head on. I am so proud to lead them. 

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