MurphyLink® Series Panels Gets Control of Your Engine

Tulsa, OK, USA – Murphy by Enovation Controls announces its newest series, the MurphyLink® Series Panels.  The new series utilizes the industry standard PowerView® line of displays, while offering a variety of functionality levels and price levels to satisfy customer requirements. 

The series feature five panels and starts with the ML25, which features a simple display, throttling and Tier 4 switches, and a keyswitch.  At the top end of the series, is the ML300.  The ML 300 contains a fully featured Tier 4 display that communicates Tier 4 functions and throttling over the SAEJ1939 CANbus.  Couple any ML panel with the appropriate Murphy Industrial Harness (MIH), and customers can properly control all the major engines available today.

The ML Panel series highlights these additional features and benefits:

  • Common mounting footprint for easy installation
  • Consistent Harness pinout for panel inter-changeability
  • Integration of latest MurphyLink displays, including latest J1939 parameters
  • Tier 4 ready

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