Murphy Helps Irrigation Automation Advance With Custom Monitoring Solutions

KC Enterprises Ltd’s Irrigation Automation is the leading supplier of custom automation and wireless system solutions dedicated specifically to the agricultural industry.  The company, based in Buzzards Bay, MA, has been automating irrigation systems since 2004.  Irrigation Automation’s cutting edge technology provides the most innovative products and services available in automated irrigation systems.


  • Irrigation Automation was already using Murphy’s EMS448 electronic monitoring system on their automated irrigation systems, but they wanted to expand the capabilities to include remote monitoring.
  • Irrigation Automation wanted a controller that could be custom programmed for agricultural needs, such as monitoring additional sensors like soil moisture conditions, temperature and frost protection including complete weather stations.
  • To distinguish their controllers from the competition, Irrigation Automation wanted a controller that did not rely solely on web-based programming.  Instead they wanted a controller that stored changes internally – providing a more reliable solution for customers.

“As the leader in irrigation automation systems, we are always looking for ways to improve the control and monitoring of our equipment.  We were happy with our existing Murphy EMS448 controller, but we wanted to expand our capabilities to include remote monitoring.”

“We wanted a controller that could provide our customers with greater control and flexibility.  It was important that we had the ability to create custom programming for individual application needs, as well as the ability to integrate specific sensor information.” – Kevin Connolly


  • Irrigation Automation chose to stay with Murphy, and upgraded to the EMS467 electronic monitoring system, a micro-processor based controller equipped to handle remote modem or SCADA communications.
  • Murphy worked closely with Irrigation Automation to develop firmware custom tailored to monitor their specific needs – including soil moisture conditions and complete weather conditions to include frost protection.
  • The EMS467 electronic monitoring system can be controlled through the three-button interface or remotely via the internet, but changes to set points are stored locally on the unit instead of relying on a solely web-based system. 

“Murphy was our first choice when we decided to upgrade – we didn’t need to look anywhere else.  We knew that our customers would feel comfortable using Murphy products, and the EMS467 controller was a great fit for our remote monitoring needs.”

“Working with Murphy has been a real asset to our company.  We get the personal attention that most companies don’t provide.  With direct access to engineers, sales people, and technical support – their customer service cannot be matched.”

“The EMS467 controller provides all the functionality that we were looking for in a controller.  We were able to write our own specifications, and Murphy provided the firmware developed specifically to meet our application needs. We also chose to integrate monitoring of wireless sensors, such as moisture conditions, temperature and  weather conditions to include frost protection for more advanced control capabilities.” – Kevin Connolly


  • Irrigation Automation installed the EMS467 controller on all of its auto start irrigation systems, which are available for gasoline, propane, diesel and electric motors.
  • The EMS467 controller allows for precise control over variables, such as fuel and water, and can accommodate up to 16 wireless sensors for a complete integrated solution.
  • By using the remote capabilities of the EMS467 controller customers can now monitor and control systems virtually anywhere with little operator intervention required.

“When we switched to the EMS467 controller, we had a major technology advancement.  Now our customers can monitor and control their irrigation system from anywhere using just one device.  And the advanced control options help users reduce fuel and water usage, which in turn saves money and improves water quality.”

“We wanted to provide the most reliable automated irrigation system available.  With the EMS467 controller, our customers have a sense of security knowing that any change they make is stored and the engine is ready to act upon that change, unlike other web-based systems.”

“The EMS467 controller solves all our control needs, and working with Murphy made the transition easy for us and our customers.  That’s why we stick with Murphy for our electronic monitoring needs.” – Kevin Connolly

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