Diverse Applications

Enovation Controls serves a variety of markets including off-highway, recreational and commercial marine, power sports and specialty vehicles, agriculture and water pumping, power generation and engine-driven industrial equipment.

Off Highway

We understand the issues facing off-highway OEMs. Let us help you meet increasing emissions regulations and seamlessly integrate high-tech features into your cab with a safe and ergonomic solution. We keep your equipment running smoothly and consistently, even in harsh environments with rugged and reliable Murphy products tailored for your application.

Recreational and Commercial Marine

Enovation Controls dominates the recreational marine market by delivering innovative display, infotainment and connected solutions every model year. Our Zero Off technology enables precision speed control for wakeboarders and skiers, giving riders a premium ride with ultimate control. Commercial marine is served with our traditional display, control and instrumentation products.

Power Sports Vehicles

We work hard so you can play hard. We deliver performance-enhancing technology and components that thrive on the rugged ATVs, snowmobiles and cycles you love. For environments that never quit, we’re reinventing the infotainment experience to connect your vehicles to your world in bold new ways.

Agriculture and Water Pumping

Enovation Controls puts the awesome in automation. As processes out in the field become more automated, operators depend on controls that eliminate the risk of downtime. Murphy engine controls do the job right. Our solutions for heavy-duty pumping jobs provide reliable automation, configurable control and are engineered with quick installation and easy set-up. 

Industrial and Mobile Equipment

We can do the heavy lifting for your equipment control needs. Industrial equipment OEMs and rental fleet managers face increasing demand for performance and functionality as they move to electronic engines. We engineer top-quality design and turnkey solutions. Rugged Murphy-brand components are also built to survive wear, tear and weather just like your equipment.

Power Generation

We have the controls to put you in charge. When prime, back-up and standby power applications need solutions that are always on call, Murphy-brand high performance battery chargers and devices are up to the task. Whether it’s generators, fire-pumps, or other critical engine-driven equipment, we’ve got you covered.