We are relentless in our pursuit of improved user experiences and performance-enhancing technology with display solutions that boast ease-of-use, intuitive design and rich customization. With best in class viewability and a wide range of sizes, there’s a PowerView® display perfectly suited to for any mechanical or electronic engine or equipment application.

PowerView® 1200

12.3” wide format, full-color, connected display with video playback

PowerView® 1100

10.6” portrait or landscape connected, color display with on-board stereo

PowerView® 780B

7” color display with video playback, more power and more memory

PowerView® 780

7” fully-configurable, full-color diagnostic display

PowerView® 485

4.3” full-color, configurable engine and equipment diagnostic display

PowerView® 450

4.3” full-color configurable engine and equipment diagnostic display

PowerView® 380

3.8” monochrome, configurable display with additional CAN ports and I/O for industrial engines

PowerView® 350

3.8” monochrome engine monitoring and diagnostic display with NMMA communications

PowerView® 101

2.8” CAN-based monitoring and diagnostic display for engines and equipment

PowerView® 25

Compact, economical engine and diagnostic display

HelmView® 450

4.3” color display for commercial marine applications

PowerVision Configuration Studio®

Software development environment for PowerView® displays, PowerCore® controllers and I/O modules