Exploring Unmatched Precision with uControl


21 inputs / 22 outputs / 3 channel Max Current: 100 A


26 inputs / 20 outputs / 3 channel Max Current: 50 A


21 Inputs / 10 outputs / 3 channel Max Current: 40 A


18 Inputs / 6 outputs / 2 Channel Max Current: 24 A

The uControl Series Controllers were designed to revolutionize vehicle controls across different markets. With various configurations catering to diverse applications, the uControl Series stands out with its cutting-edge features. At the heart of the uControl Series are four unique variations: the MC4-21-14-H8, MC4-26-20, MC3-21-10, and MC2-18-6 controllers, each meticulously engineered to deliver optimal performance.

Let’s explore the features that make the uControl Series a game-changer:

Versatile Configuration: The uControl Series adapts effortlessly to varying operational requirements with software-selectable inputs and outputs. These controllers are designed for rugged applications, whether off-highway, agriculture, industrial, or mobile equipment.

Precision Control: Dual-range feedback empowers operators with precise control, while the High/Low Side and Push/Pull modes ensure optimal functionality across different systems. Advanced load management, closed-loop current control, and automatic fault detection guarantee smooth operation even in the most challenging conditions.

Innovative Functionality: The uControl Series boasts an array of advanced features, including H-Bridge mode for motor control, parallel mode for higher current operation, and soft start for digital loads. With an operating temperature range from -40°C to +105°C, these controllers thrive in extreme environments.

Reliable Protection: Safety is paramount, which is why the uControl Series incorporates automatic fault detection, short circuit, and overcurrent protection mechanisms. The IP69K sealed aluminum enclosure ensures resilience against water, dust, and vibration, making it ideal for rugged applications.

Tailored Solutions: The uControl Series caters to a wide range of applications from compact excavators to forestry equipment. These controllers offer seamless integration with various components, whether it’s proportional valves, motors, pumps, or relays.

Industry-Leading Standards: The uControl Series adheres to the highest industry standards, including Codesys IEC61131-3 IDE, ensuring application programming compatibility and ease of use. Extensive EMC and validation testing guarantee reliability and performance under diverse operating conditions.

The uControl Series from Enovation Controls redefines vehicle control with unmatched reliability, versatility, and performance across diverse markets. Discover how they can elevate the performance and reliability of your machine today!

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