Distributor Spotlight: Rekarma

Based in Kadikoy, Istanbul, Rekarma serves the Turkish and surrounding markets as an authorized Murphy by Enovation Controls distributor. Before becoming a distributor, Rekarma’s main focus was on mobile equipment and machine automation, but since becoming a distributor in 2011, Rekarma’s market has expanded to include engine controls and displays.

Sales Engineer Memetcan Dalay is one of 30 employees working for Rekarma to sell Murphy products, implement various products in customer projects, program displays and controllers and support on-site implementations. We spoke with Memetcan to learn more about how Rekarma works to provide smart solutions for the Turkish market. 




What unique needs do customers in your area have and how do you solve them?


Memetcan: Although most of our customers are skilled technical people, they sometimes lack programming knowledge. We help them by implementing the Murphy products into their existing production line or new projects. We also have a software development team where we can develop custom software tailored for their specific needs.


What is the most interesting use of Murphy product you’ve seen a customer use?


Memetcan: Before I started working with Rekarma, I wasn’t really aware of the frost protection applications with wind machines and how important these machines are for farmers who need to protect their crops and prevent frost damage. Even though these giant machines work quite loudly, the area they cover and protect is crucial for every big farm. I’ve updated the MPC-20 program used by one of our customers and had the opportunity to see these machines in action on the field.



What is a unique benefit you provide your customers?


Memetcan: We’ve been in this market for over a decade now with years of know-how and relationships with various manufacturers and system integrators. We bring these experiences to our customers’ specific projects as a solution. We also understand customer problems and foresee the unexpected shortfalls before they happen. 


What’s your favorite part of working for your company?


Memetcan: For me personally, who I do business with is almost as important as what I do. In the past year, my personal relationships with my colleagues and my managers have been flawless. It’s always good to have a nice working environment. Also, working with very different customers and seeing our products in different applications expands my horizon and lets me learn new things almost on daily basis.



To learn more about Rekarma, visit their website at www.rekarma.com.tr. To find your local Murphy by Enovation Controls authorized distributor, visit our Find a Distributor page.

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