Important Notice Regarding Product Repairs and Warranty Claims

Repairs and Warranty Notice

In order to provide you with the best service possible and to expedite all product repairs and warranty claims, we are changing the processes required to complete the repair or warranty claim. This will require certain actions and information on your part. Partial details follow. For complete details please contact your product Inside Sales Representative.

RMA Number

A Warranty/Repair Return Authorization Number (RMA#) will be required prior to all product returns. This number will allow both of us to track the product and to expedite processing of your request. Simply contact our Inside Sales team to request this number. They will ask certain questions that will identify your exact request so that we can fully comply. They will also advise you of certain procedural changes or conditions that may apply to your request, as outlined below.

Complaint/Request Details

Warranty claims require a detailed explanation of the problem or complaint so that we can directly address your concerns. A large percentage of times we are unable to find a problem with the product because we don’t know the details of your complaint, and we thus don’t know what to look for. We evaluate the product against our specifications, but that may not address your complaint. This explanation will be required for Warranty requests in order to receive the return authorization (RMA#). This explanation is also recommended for repairs but is not required. See below for Repairs.

Evaluation Fee

The Evaluation Fee to cover certain costs associated with diagnosing product problems (or suspected problems). When you request the RMA#, your product Sales Representative will advise you of this charge and when it applies. For example, if our evaluation does not support a Warranty Claim, the customer will be asked to pay the fee. However, the fee can be applied to the cost of repair or against the purchase of a new unit. Likewise, the fee can be applied to the cost associated with a nonwarranty repair. If our evaluation supports the Warranty Claim, the fee will be waived. Also see Repairs below.

Warranty Claim

  • Contact Enovation Controls to receive RMA#
  • Provide detailed explanation of the problem and why warranty is claimed. Immediate replacement prior to our evaluation will require that the customer purchase a new unit. If the warranty claim is validated, a credit will be issued against the new unit purchased. A customer purchase order is required prior to replacement.
  • Evaluation fee may apply. If applicable, the fee may be applied to repairing the unit or to the purchase of a new unit.

Repairs (Non-Warranty)

  • Contact Enovation Controls to receive RMA#
  • Some products may no longer be accepted for repair or because of its design cannot be repaired. Others are uneconomical to repair. In some cases, repair parts are available for the customer to make the repair. Your product Sales Representative will advise details when the RMA# is requested.
  • Provide detailed explanation of the problem.
  • An estimated repair charge is available for those products that can be repaired. When an exact cost is required prior to the actual repair, an evaluation fee will apply. The fee may be applied toward the final repair cost. A purchase order is required for either the estimated repair charge or the evaluation fee.
  • If the actual cost to repair is greater than 65 percent of the customer’s cost to purchase a new product, we will advise. The customer may then proceed with the repair, purchase a new product, scrap the unit or have it returned as is (at customer’s expense). If the unit is scrapped or returned, an evaluation fee will apply.

NOTE: The evaluation fee is $45 net (no discount).

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