Enovation Controls operates today as a stand-alone subsidiary of Helios Technologies [NASDAQ: SNHY] (formerly Sun Hydraulics Corp.), one of Forbes' 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in America (2017). With an internationally diverse team of over 300 employees, we serve customers around the world with global sales, manufacturing and application engineering operations. We partner directly with OEMs and support a worldwide network of authorized distributors and system integrators.

Our tradition of innovation was founded on the pioneering spirit of Frank W. “Pat” Murphy and his search for simple, reliable engine protection. In 1939, he transformed the world of engine instrumentation with the release of his innovative Safety Switch and the forming of FW Murphy Manufacturing. In 2009, FW Murphy merged with EControls, forming Enovation Controls which operated four business units: Power Controls, Vehicle Technologies, Natural Gas Production Controls, and Fuel Systems. The Murphy brand along with the Power Controls and Vehicle Technologies business units were acquired by Sun Hydraulics in 2016 and today serve diverse applications across many markets.

The rich history of rugged and reliable Murphy products has propelled Enovation Controls to become the well-respected and trusted partner to major engine and equipment manufacturers around the world. Simply put, our brand has become synonymous with innovation by providing cutting-edge, market-leading solutions demanded by today’s technology driven customers.


Today, we don’t just claim to conquer complexity, we live it. Rapidly changing technologies and regulations demand dedicated engineers who are experts in integrated solutions for engines and equipment. Our experts take a deep dive into your application and develop a unique solution based on your specific needs. We reduce the engineering burden for customers with an unparalleled depth of software, embedded software, hardware and sustaining engineering teams who swarm projects to deliver maximum results.


Enovation Controls consistently meets and beats specification standards that are rarely matched. Our four-stage product development process provides targeted product definition, identifies risks, rapidly prototypes concepts and extensively tests for validation. ISO 9001 certified since 1998, we take pride in our world-class manufacturing methods which allow us to deliver specialized, more reliable solutions. We build tougher. We test harder. And we’re ready for your most challenging applications.

Core Values

We’ve built a company and culture by living out our core values. They shape how we approach every activity, every day – and are the cornerstone of our success.

to catalyze our customers’ success

We fearlessly engage in any effort to eliminate our customers’ risk and clear a path to their success. We immerse ourselves in our customers’ world, reveal unknowns and deliver integrated solutions.

to win

We are tenacious, tireless and never discouraged in the pursuit of our goals. When we encounter roadblocks, we intensify our focus to break through. We relentlessly strive for perfection to drive flawless execution.

to cultivate excellence

We embrace a sense of healthy paranoia in which quality and performance must be proven and never assumed. We constantly ask “What have we missed?” We hold each other accountable to the highest standards and will not rest without resolution.

to change the game

We step back to question assumptions, capture the learning and embrace new perspectives. We ask “Are we solving the right problem?” We skillfully leverage our expertise and platforms to rapidly generate solutions that separate us from the competition.

to unleash potential

We strive to laugh often and find meaning in our individual and collective efforts. We attract, develop and recognize exceptional people and inspire them to be their best at home, at work and in our communities.

to live in integrity

We treat everyone with respect and foster a culture of humility and trust. We humbly own what is perfect and what is flawed. Honesty, hard work and fairness are central to everything we do.