Telematics Module FAQ

There are two LEDs on the module. The large one in the middle is a full-color RGB LED that shows you the status of the module’s internet connection. The other small red light is the power status LED.

The RGB LED could show the following states:

  • Slow breathing cyan: Successfully connected to cloud
  • Rapid blink cyan: Connecting to the cloud
  • Rapid blinking green: Looking for cellular
  • Slow breathing green: Not connected to cloud
  • Flashing red: SOS, contact support
  • Flashing blue: Listening mode, waiting for network information
  • Flashing yellow: Bootloader mode, waiting for new code
  • Flashing magenta: Updating firmware
  • Solid magenta: May have lost connection to the cloud
  • White pulse: Start-up, the unit was powered on or reset
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