Hague Equipment Company

Posted on: October 12th, 2021 by Barn3s

Hague Equipment Company was originally founded in Evansville Indiana (circa 1955), becoming one of the first distributors for entrepreneur Frank W. “Pat” Murphy, and his revolutionary “Murphy Safety Switch” Swichgage®. After opening branches in Pennsylvania, and Michigan in the 1970’s the business was sold in 1987 to current owner, and company president Gerald L. Peal, forming the Hague Equipment Company of Michigan, Inc. Over the next several decades the business experienced steady growth as the original product lines, and services were expanded to include additional pump brands, chemical injection systems, air & gas compressors, vapor recovery units, dehydration, artificial gas well lift systems, fiberglass oil & gas piping, filtration, control and safety relief valves, fluid & gas metering, lubrication, instrumentation, engine automation, ignition, emissions controls, catalytic converters, and many others.