California Proposition 65 Information

To help our customers comply with California Proposition 65 regulations, we have created this webpage to inform you that products manufactured by Enovation Controls LLC can expose users to chemicals, including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm, according to the California Health and Safety Code Section 25249.6.

The California Attorney General’s Office has indicated that we have a duty to provide notice and warning information to the “authorized agent” of the retail seller, obtain an acknowledgment that the notice was received, and take reasonable steps to ensure that the retail seller is properly providing the warning to the ultimate purchaser of the products. Enovation Controls has notified its resellers and distributors in the state of California of their responsibility for the placement and maintenance of the warning materials for the products that they sell pursuant to the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (“Prop 65”). Authorized agents of Enovation Controls’ resellers and distributors were also required to sign an acknowledgement of their responsibility.

Resellers and Distributors are directed to refer to to determine the appropriate course of action to comply with California Proposition 65 warnings.  It is suggested that resellers and distributors affix a label in a form substantially similar to the label below.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Enovation Controls is making every effort to obtain information from their varied suppliers with regard to specific chemicals identified in California Proposition 65 and to include those here as they become available.

Item Number Description Chemical
Item Number Description Chemical
10004325 G20T-B1IP1-250-13-D1112SR225- Methylene Chloride
10004468 G20TABS-B3I-250-14-D0370-VOLVO Methylene Chloride
10001964 G20TABS-250-10 Methylene Chloride
10001965 G20TABS-250-12 Methylene Chloride
10001966 G20TABS-250-16 Methylene Chloride
10001967 G20TABS-250-18 Methylene Chloride
10001968 G20TABS-250-20 Methylene Chloride
10001970 G20TABS-250-35 Methylene Chloride
10001973 G20TABS-300-10 Methylene Chloride
10001974 G20TABS-300-12 Methylene Chloride
10002014 G20T-IP1-220-6 Methylene Chloride
10002015 G20T-IP1-220-8 Methylene Chloride
10002017 G20T-IP1-220-12 Methylene Chloride
10002018 G20T-IP1-220-14 Methylene Chloride
10002019 G20T-IP1-220-16 Methylene Chloride
10002021 G20T-IP1-220-20 Methylene Chloride
10002024 G20T-IP1-250-6 Methylene Chloride
10002025 G20T-IP1-250-8 Methylene Chloride
10002026 G20T-IP1-250-10 Methylene Chloride
10002027 G20T-IP1-250-12 Methylene Chloride
10002028 G20T-IP1-250-14 Methylene Chloride
10002029 G20T-IP1-250-16 Methylene Chloride
10002030 G20T-IP1-250-20 Methylene Chloride
10002031 G20T-IP1-250-25 Methylene Chloride
10002032 G20T-IP1-250-30 Methylene Chloride
10002033 G20T-IP1-250-35 Methylene Chloride
10002034 G20T-IP1-300-4 Methylene Chloride
10002035 G20T-IP1-300-6 Methylene Chloride
10002036 G20T-IP1-300-8 Methylene Chloride
10002037 G20T-IP1-300-10 Methylene Chloride

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