CKV / PRV Series

CKV series check valves are in-line, one-way valves that prevent fuel from being siphoned back into an injector or injection pump which could delay a shutdown.

There are two types of check valves: CKV2336 and CKV1WPS. The CKV2336 has a 1/4 NPT threaded male connection on each end for connecting to fuel line fittings or hoses. The CKV1WPS check valve is typically mounted in the fuel bypass line of the last fuel injector. The CKV1WPS features a hollow bolt connection and a barbed 1/8 NPT connection for flex hose or fitting.

The PRV series pressure relief valves relieve overpressure in a fuel system usually caused by closing of a solenoid fuel valve.

The PRV50 and PRV70 have a 1/4 NPT threaded connection on each end for connecting to fuel line fittings or hoses.

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Body Seal Spring
CKV2336 Brass Poppet SS
PRV50/PRV70 Brass SS SS
Note:  SS = Stainless Steel

Opening Pressure

CKV2336 4 psi (27)
CKV1WPS 2 psi (14)
PRV50 25 psi (172)
PRV70 70 psi (483)
Note: metric (kPa) equivalents in parenthesis

Static Pressure (all): 150 psi (1.03 MPa) maximum

CKV2336: 1.3 oz (40.5 grams)
CKV1WPS: 1.3 oz (40.5 grams)
PRV50/PRV70: 1.3 oz (40.5 grams)

 WARNING: This product may expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information about California Propsition 65, go to or visit our California Proposition 65 page.

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Part Number Model Description
55700275 CKV2336 Check Valve
55700265 CKV1WPS Check Valve
55700267 PRV50 Pressure Relief Valve
55700268 PRV70 Pressure Relief Valve

Note: There are no replacement parts.

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