Switches & Annunciators

Tattletale annunciators and magnetic switches are the nerve centers that translate Swichgage contact operations into decisions and operate the alarm or shutdown device. They are the electrical load carrying devices for the alarm or shutdown device. Tattletale annunciators indicate which monitored function failed leading to the alarm or shutdown whereas magnetic switches do not. Magnetic switches operate basically as a latching relay.

Tattletale® Annunciators and Magnetic Switches

The Tattletale annunciators and magnetic switches.


Direct mount pressure switch


Direct mount temperature switch.

76.TS Temperature Switch

Pressure Switch (for EMEA region)

76.PS Pressure Switch

Pressure Switch (for EMEA region)

VS2™ Series

VS2 and VS2C shock and vibration switch.


Shock and vibration control switch.

HD9063, OS77D and SS300

Electronic Speed Switches

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