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Thermocouples are encased in a 1/4 inch diameter 316 stainless steel tubing sheath with stainless steel Bell Spring for strain relief.

The initial offerings are K type thermocouples with 6-inch and 10-inch long 1/4-inch diameter probes. The thermocouples are shipped straight but can be bent with standard tubing benders anywhere along its length to a 90° angle to minimize clearance required and help prevent damage due to personnel working on the unit. The thermocouple is tip sensitive to minimize ambient temperature influence and should be inserted between 25% and 75% of the piping inside diameter or enough to minimize any skin temperature affect on the tip of the probe when installed in vessels.

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Part NumberDescriptionNotes
10051331Thermocouple, Type K, 1/4Dia. Tube x 6”Lw/5’ Thermocouple Extension Wire
10051325 Thermocouple, Type K, 1/4Dia. Tube x 6”L  w/15’ Thermocouple Extension Wire
10051326Thermocouple, Type K, 1/4Dia. Tube x 6”L  w/30’ Thermocouple Extension Wire
10051327 Thermocouple, Type K, 1/4Dia. Tube x 6”L  w/50’ Thermocouple Extension Wire
10051395Thermocouple, Type K, 1/4Dia. Tube x 6"Lw/75' Thermocouple Extension Wire
10051328 Thermocouple, Type K, 1/4Dia. Tube x 6”L  w/100’ Thermocouple Extension Wire
10051332 Thermocouple, Type K, 1/4Dia. Tube x 10”L w/5’ Thermocouple Extension Wire
10051323Thermocouple, Type K, 1/4Dia. Tube x 10”L  w/15’ Thermocouple Extension Wire
10051317 Thermocouple, Type K, 1/4Dia. Tube x 10”L  w/30’ Thermocouple Extension Wire
10051322 Thermocouple, Type K, 1/4Dia. Tube x 10”L  w/50’ Thermocouple Extension Wire
10051396Thermocouple, Type K, 1/4Dia. Tube x 10"Lw/75' Thermocouple Extension Wire
10051321 Thermocouple, Type K, 1/4Dia. Tube x 10”L  w/100’ Thermocouple Extension Wire
10707436 Thermowell, ½”NPT, ¼” T, 2.0”L  Assembly 304SS
10707437 Thermowell, ½”NPT, ¼” T, 4.5”L  Assembly 304SS
10707438 Thermowell, ½”NPT, ¼” T, 7.5”L Assembly 304SS