Process Monitoring Instruments

Murphy offers hundreds of products that monitor and control pumps, generators, and more. Our control systems for industrial operations monitor pressure, temperature, liquid level, overspeed, time and vibration. We cover it all, from simple start/stop operation to sophisticated automation systems incorporating microcontrollers and remote communications.We provide cost-effective, perfectly suited products for our customers, and have been doing it for over 70 years.


Our gauges are durable and dependable. They're highly accurate and long-lasting. We didn't make them so popular – our customers did. We just make them solid and reliable every time.

Level Devices

Murphy level maintainers and switches are the industry standard for monitoring and protection


We offer state-of-the-art sensors for pressure, speed/time, temperature and vibration

Electro / Mechanical Controllers

Throttle control, motor-driven clutch operator, solenoids and rack pullers are found on mission-critical applications everywhere

Battery Chargers

Murphy battery chargers provide automatic, fast and accurate charging of standby batteries.

Switches & Annunciators

Tattletale annunciators and magnetic switches are the nerve centers that translate Swichgage contact operations for alarm or shutdown


Diesel fuel shutoff and fuel line check valves are problem solvers for diesel engine shutdown systems

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