MLC380 Panels

The MurphyLink Series MLC380 Panel, engineered and built by Enovation Controls’ Industrial Panel Division, is a superior panel offering that includes the powerful, yet simple-to-configure PV380 display.

The MLC380 panel has the ability for the software to be fully configured from the front user interface. If the default parameters set by Enovation Controls are not the desired set points, the packager or operator has the ability to change these settings. The configuration tool also allows for the splash screen to incorporate a company logo when powered on. The flexibility of the MLC380 allows for the same panel to be used across many applications. This provides the operator familiarity with the display and panel in any application. The panel utilizes industry standard Deutsch connectors and is compatible for use on the simplest to the most advanced, fully electronic Tier 4 engines, when used with the correct Murphy Industrial Harness or John Deere OEM engine harnessing. This panel is available in a rugged powder-coated cold rolled steel enclosure that can be mounted on or near the engine.

MLC380 Panels for Electronic and Mechanical Engines
MLC380 Mechanical Panel with Mounting Bracket
MLC380 Mechanical Panel
MLC380 Electronic Panel
  • Tier 4 Ready
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  • PV380 Display
    • Operating Voltage: 6-36 VDC; reverse polarity protected
    • Operating Temperature: -40° to +85°C (-40° to 185°F)
    • Storage Temperature: -40° to +85°C (-40° to 185°F)
  • Viewing Area: 3.8” (97mm) QVGA (320 x 240 pixels); monochrome transflective LCD with white LED backlight and heater
  • Viewing Angle: ±55° horizontally; +45° / -60° vertically
  • Enclosure: Powder-coated cold rolled steel
  • Alarms: Red and amber warning LEDs; Setpoint triggered output for external piezo buzzer or shutdown relay
  • Mating Connectors:
    • 21 Position, Deutsch HDP26-24-21SE,
    • 31 Position, Deutsch HDP26-24-31SE
  • Sealing: IP66 and 67 (Display only)
  • Vibration and Shock: 7.86g random vibe (5-2000Hz) and ±50g shock in 3 axis (Display only)
  • Communications: CAN (SAE J1939) and RS-485 Modbus
  • Languages: English
  • Outputs (2):
    • (1) 500 mA; switched low-side
    • (1) 5V supply (70mA); protected
  • Inputs (8):
    • (4) Resistive Analog
    • (2) 4-20mA
    • (1) Ground
    • (1) Frequency, (2Hz – 10KHz, 3.6VAC-120VAC)
  • EMC/EMI:
    • 2004/108/EC and 2006/95/EC directives
    • EN61000-6-4:2001 (emission)
    • EN61000-6-2:2001 (immunity)
    • EN50121-3-2 and EN12895
  • SAE J1113/2, 4, 11, 12, 21, 24, 26 and 41

 WARNING: This product may expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information about California Propsition 65, go to or visit our California Proposition 65 page.

Additional product documentation can be found on our product support website or by clicking the Help Center button above.

Part Number Model/Description Notes
32700227 MLC380-R2-ELEC-12V-MSTD Panel
32700228 MLC380-R2-ELEC-24V-MSTD Panel
32700233 MLC380-R2-MECH-12v-15 pos Panel
32700234 MLC380-R2-MECH-12V-W/ HARNESS Panel
32700235 MCL380-R2-MECH-24V-WDU0814 Panel for DEUTZ 1011/2011
32700237 MLC380-R2-MECH-24V-15 POS Panel
32700238 MLC380-R2-MECH-24V-W/ HARNESS Panel
32700239 MCL380-R2-MECH-24V-WDU0814 Panel for DEUTZ 1011/2011
30000855 WDU Mounting Bracket Accessories
5705669 ES2F Fuel Level Sender Accessories
78001061 I/O Harness for PV380 (12 pos) Accessories
65000457 Mechanical Sender Kit - Includes: 05701858 ES2P-100 Pressure Sender, 10702013 ES2T-250/300-1/2 Temperature Sender, 20700162 MP3298 Magnetic Speed Sensor, 05705669 ES2F Fuel Level Sender Accessories
65000462 Pre-Heat Kit Accessories

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