UControl™ Machine Controllers

Get the most out of any application with rugged, powerful, flexible and precise controllers. Featuring multiple CAN interfaces, extensive outputs and an available high-current output option, uControl mobile machine controllers can handle any job, big or small.

UControl™ MC4‑26‑20

Rugged machine controller with 26 inputs and 20 software selectable outputs

UControl™ MC4‑21‑14‑H8

Rugged high-current machine controller with 21 inputs, 8 software selectable high-current outputs and 14 standard software selectable outputs

UControl™ MC3‑21‑10

Rugged machine controller with 21 inputs and 10 software selectable outputs

UControl™ MC2-18-6

Rugged machine controller with 18 inputs and 6 software selectable outputs

ACE™ Development Environment

Intuitive drag-and-drop controller development environment designed for speed and ease-of-use

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