OpenPVTM Software Platform

The OpenPVTM Software Platform is a sophisticated set of tools that allows developers to design the user experience of an OpenViewTM display with 3rd party tools such as Crank Storyboard and Qt.

Developer Toolkit for Programmers

Release Runtimes (Hardware Support)

Support for creating application on Enovation Hardware.

  • OpenView S50 and S70 Runtime Support

Development Runtimes (Simulation Support)

Support for Developing and Debugging Applications without hardware

  • C# / Storyboard – Windows, Mac and Ubuntu.
  • QT Creator – Ubuntu and Windows Container
  • Project Configuration (Dev Langage, UI, etc
  • Hardware Selection (For Device Specific Capabilities)
  • Package Generation (Generate OPV distribution files)
  • Device Communication (Load To Target)
  • OTA Integration (When using Spark) with Subscription
  • RPC Based API’s (Using Proto – TCP/IP)
  • BSP Firmware Flashing Support (DFU Firmware Flash)

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What is the cost for OpenPV Software Platform?

Contact your sales representative or email

What is the difference between OpenPV Software Platform and PowerVision Configuration Studio?

PowerVision Configuration Studio® is Enovation Controls’ integrated development environment for its line of HMI display and control solutions.

OpenPV Software Platform  is a sophisticated set of tools that allows developers to design the user experience of an OpenView display with 3rd party development tools.

*Qt/C++ requires Ubuntu Linux via WSL, VM, or Direct Install

What is the OpenPV Software Platform?

OpenPV is a open Software Development System intended to allow developers to create amazing applications without being limited by a single Development Environment or Ecosystem.  By providing a RPC based SDK, customers can develop applications in a variety of languages and tools while still being able to quickly and easily build, test and distribute their application on Enovation Controls Hardware.  As with our existing PowerVision Software System, OpenPV ensures that you will be able to easily upgrade and move to new hardware platforms as your application requirements change.

Why would I choose OpenPV over PowerVision?

OpenPV is designed from the ground up to be a modular system enabling developers to pick and choose the software components needed for a specific application enabling customers to take control of the areas of the application where they have complex requirements while continuing to use OpenPV for the rest of the system.  For example, a customer may choose to use their own CAN software modules / code while still taking advantage of OpenPV’s other modules for networking, UX, Bluetooth etc

What is SPARK Software Manager and how is it different from OpenPV Developer Toolkit?

SPARK Software Manager is a tool that makes it easy to download and install the latest version of OpenPV Developer Toolkit. OpenPV Developer Toolkit is Enovation Controls’ middleware that allows you to use certain 3rd party development tools for its line of HMI display and control solutions.

What versions of OpenPV Developer Toolkit are available on SPARK Software Manager?

OpenPV Developer Toolkit 1.0 – Beta

How does the annual licensing and billing work?

A purchase order (PO) must be sent to Enovation Controls by the direct customer (or authorized distributor) of Enovation Controls to activate another year of licensing. A maximum of three years can be purchased in advance per seat. Please contact your sales representative or email for assistance.

Can I use one license for multiple people within my organization?

No. Each user license is for one individual user on up to three devices.

Can SPARK Software Manager licenses be moved to a different computer (i.e. a new or repaired PC)?

Yes. SPARK Software Manager licenses are tied to the user’s login and can be moved from PC to PC by simply logging into the application.

Do I need to make changes to my firewall settings to connect to the SPARK Software Manager authentication server?

No. Most users should not need to set up special firewall rules because SPARK Software Manager communicates over the web using standard Web Protocols (HTTPS) to domains in Microsoft Azure. There are no special required network ports you need to open in order to connect.

What Operating Systems does SPARK Software Manager support?

SPARK Software Manager supports the same operating systems supported by PowerVision Configuration Studio. At this time, that includes Windows 7 through Windows 10.

Do I need Administrator rights on my PC to run and use SPARK Software Manager?

No. SPARK Software Manager installs the applications to the user’s application folder and where they should run without the need for administrator rights. If needed, the installers can be downloaded by an administrator to install on user PCs and then users could use their SPARK Software Manager account to validate the install.

What browsers are SPARK Software Manager compatible with?

SPARK Software Manager does not currently use a browser for any features except for viewing release notes.

Will installations of OpenPV installed with SPARK Software Manager work offline?

Yes, Spark and OpenPV Tools work when offline for up to 30 days

If I need technical assistance can I reach out to Enovation Controls?

For technical support, please contact the supplier who sold you your OpenPV Developer Toolkit license.

For any other questions I have, who can I reach out to?

Additional product documentation can be found on our product support website or by clicking the Help Center button above.

Contact your sales representative or email to learn more about OpenPV Developer Toolkit on SPARK Software Manager.

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