PowerCore® MPC‑20

Murphy’s PowerCore MPC-20 is a powerful, all-purpose industrial controller designed to work in the harshest environments on most any engine-driven application.

Targeted for pump and irrigation applications, the MPC-20 is a powerful, fully-sealed IP67-rated all-purpose industrial controller built to withstand harsh environments. Tier 4 Final and Stage V ready with auto and manual start, the MPC-20 includes various throttling options and a real-time clock. Easily viewable in full-sun conditions, MPC-20 has a large 3.8-inch easy-to-read, monochrome transflective LCD. It is engineered for incredibly easy initial setup and is configurable by the user to meet the most versatile applications, allowing for quick uptime and less headaches on the manufacturing floor or in the field. Although a configuration tool is not required, the easy-to-use PowerVision Configuration Studio® software allows configuration of set points on a PC to save for future loading. The MPC-20 is also available in an ML2000 panel solution.

Murphy’s PowerCore MPC-20
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Q. Can I use the MPC-20 on an electronic engine, or an older mechanical engine with no ECU?
A. Yes. The MPC-20 defaults to electronic, but mechanical can be selected. Mechanical engine require mechanical sending units and frequency type for engine critical parameters.

Q. I’m not sure what voltage my engine will be, 12 or 24 vdc?
A. The MPC-20 will operate on either 12 or 24 vdc, with no modifications required.

Q. Can I start my engine using the MPC-20 in manual mode and throttle automatically?
A. No. However, if the “Key Start” option is selected, the operator can manually initiate an auto start    from the interface and auto throttle.

Q. Can I start my engine with the MPC-20 in Manual Mode then switch to Auto Mode for controlled shutdowns?
A. Yes, the MPC-20 can be started in Manual Mode then switched to Auto Mode to allow for auto throttling and controlled shutdowns. Note: if the Auto Stop is active then the controller will begin a controlled shutdown once switched
into Auto Mode.

Q. I have not decided what range I will need for my pressure or level transducer?
A. This is software selectable in the MPC-20, the factory defaults are 0-100 PSI and 0-20 FT.

Q. Do I need special equipment to setup the MPC-20?
A. No, with the exception of the (2) six up displays and a custom splash screen. All setpoint changes can be made through the local pushbutton interface.

Q. Can I make changes to setpoints while the engine is running?
A. No. The engine must be in the “stopped” state to make changes. You are able to view only setpoints while the engine is running. The only exception is requesting regeneration on a Tier 4 Engine.

Q. Will the MPC-20 operate when there is no commercial power available?
A. Yes. The MPC-20 is powered by the engine cranking batteries.

Q. If I do need to call Murphy Technical Services, what information will they ask for? 
A. They will ask for the 8 digit program number and possibly the 5 digit build number. These numbers are found on the “System Information” page.  They also may request the information from the white product label on the reverse
side of the MPC-20.

Q. If I remove power from the MPC-20, will I lose my setpoints?
A. No. All setpoints are saved, and will return on power up.

Q. Will the MPC-20 drain the battery while I am not running the engine?
A. Possibly, depending on how large your battery is and how long between run times. We strongly recommend using a battery charger on standby pumps, and an alternator on primary pumps. In order to reduce power consumption, the MPC-20
has a standby mode. During this time, the MPC-20 turns off the backlight, internal heater and the CAN port to reduce energy consumption.

Q. The MPC-20 is not operating correctly; I’m not sure what setpoints I have changed or need to change.
A. Before calling Tech Services, you can restore the factory settings in the “System” menu. This will give you a fresh start on setpoints.

Q. How do I make sure the MPC-20 has the most recent version of firmware?
A. Call Tech Services, they will direct you to the “System Information” to determine if you have the current build.

Q. Is there way to calibrate the tachometer on the MPC-20 (mechanical engine) without actually counting the number of flywheel teeth?
A. Yes. Use a handheld tachometer and adjust the number of flywheel teeth until the MPC-20’s tachometer matches the handheld.  You can also contact the dealer and have them look up the number of teeth for that model and serial
number engine.

  • Display: 3.8” Monochrome LCD, Transflective, 320 X 240 QVGA with White Backlight
  • Keypad: 11 Silicone Tactile Feedback Buttons
  • LEDs: (1) Red, Shutdown, (1) Amber, Warning, (1) Green, Auto Mode
  • Outputs:
    • (2) 1A Max Low-side
    • (2) 2A Max High-side
    • (2) 200mA Max 5VDC
    • (1) 0-5VDC Analog
    • (6) 10A Max Form C Relays
  • Inputs:
    • (8) Analog, Configurable as Resistive, 0-5VDC, 4-20mA or Digital Ground
    • (6) Digital, Configurable as Battery or Ground
    • (1) Frequency, (2Hz – 10KHz, 3.6VAC-120VAC)
  • Communications:
    • (1) CAN 2.0B, 250 kbps, J1939
    • (1) RS485, Modbus RTU
    • (1) USB, Programming
  • Power Input: 8-32VDC, Reverse Polarity & Load Dump Protection
  • Total Current Consumption: 18W Max without 2 2A High-sides, active, 146W Max with 2 2A Highsides active.
  • Dimensions: 208.7mm (L) x 189.7mm (W) x 57.5mm (H)
  • Mass: 0.9kg (2.0lb)
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
  • Storage Temperature: -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
  • EMI/RFI: SAE J1113
  • Shock: 50G in X, Y, Z Axes
  • Vibration: Random, 7.86 Grms (5-2000Hz), 3 Axes
  • Sealing: IP67 Complete Controller, IP66 Panel Mount with Gasket (Minimum 14Ga Metal Plate)
  • Case: Polycarbonate
  • Mating Connector: Delphi, SICMA 90 Position
  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs. 7.1 oz (1.11 kg.)
  • Shipping Dimensions: 9.5 x 9 x 5 in. (241 x 229 x 127 mm.)

 WARNING: This product may expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information about California Proposition 65, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov or visit our California Proposition 65 page.

Additional product documentation can be found on our product support website or by clicking the Help Center button above.

Part Number Model/Description
40700504 MPC-20-R2 Controller
40051031 Panel Gasket, IP66, MPC-20
40700496 PowerCore 90 Position Connector Kit
40000554 PowerCore 90 Position 3 ft. Conn Whip Harness
40000567 Hand Crimper for PowerCore 90 Position Connector

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