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EMC-6 & EMC-6L

Increase fuel economy and reduce emissions with High Country Tek's EMC-6, the industry's first variable speed hybrid fan controller capable of simultaneously controlling variable speed electric and hydraulic fans, water pumps, and engine accessories.

Maximize engine performance by reducing the load on the engine and controlling the temperature regulated systems as needed. The automotive industry worldwide is investing to find the most effective means of improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions while cutting costs. The EMC-6 is the simplest solution that provides immediate results by providing extensive input/output selection with easy to use complete customizable configuration software. This enables automotive/mobile design engineers and manufacturers the flexibility of reducing weight, combining electronic control systems and maximizing engine performance. A positive change for the environment while realizing significant financial savings.

  • CE (European Conformity) mark
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Electric and Hydraulic Fan System Controller for Mass Transit and Off-Highway Vehicles (CE and E-Mark)Hybrid closed loop fan controller with reversing (purge), SAE J1939 CAN messages, temperature sensor inputs, and fan diagnostics

Analog Inputs

Coolant "Wet" temp sensor Air "Dry" temp sensor Potentiometric Devices

Digital Inputs
3On/Off switches – Ignition, Reverse, Fire
12Fan diagnostics for system control
CAN bus, SAE J19391CAN bus 2.0B - Command input and diagnostics

Proportional Outputs

0.5A PWM 0 to 100% - Variable speed fan bank control - Sourcing for EMC-6, sinking for EMC-6L, Max 500mA with short circuit protection and one (1) optional 3A Prop. PWM variable speed hydraulic fan control with current feedback
PWM Dither Frequency33 to 500HzSoftware adjustable

Analog Outputs

0-5 VDC 10mA - variable speed pump and system accessory control

Digital Outputs
13A On/Off reverse coil control
10.5A On/Off alarm indicator
15V±5% - Regulated voltage 250mA Max
Reverse cycle (purge) featureYes'Purge' or 'De-Ice' for E-Fan and hydraulic fan
ConnectorP/N: 581 01 48 01148-way Cinch 1.5mm SHS Header
Mating Connector KitP/N: 999-1007748-Pin Connector Kit, connector shell & pins

Graphical User Interface
P/N: 023-00533Set-Up & Diagnostic Software - Free Download
P/N: CD-EMC-6Set-Up & Diagnostic Software - CD Only
Programming CableP/N: 108-00134USB Mini (2M)
Physical5.00L x 5.60W x 1.76H inEnclosure Size
Mounting2 x ¼"-20, SAE Grade 2Mounting hardware
Housing TypeHCT encapsulated block, flameproofBlack, polycarbonate
NEMA/IP Rating6P/IP68Solid potted, flameproof Polycarbonate

Temperature ºC
-40 to +85 Deg. COperational Temperature
-60 to +90 Deg. CStorage Temperature
Voltage9 to 32 VDCReverse Polarity/J1455 load dump protection
Current Consumption+ 200mALoad current quiescent Max
E-Mark CertificationE-Mark CertificatePassenger Vehicles
CE CertificationCE CertificateOff-Road Vehicles

WARNING: This product may expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information about California Propsition 65, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov or visit our California Proposition 65 page.

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Model/Part NumberDescription
EMC-6EMC-6 Controller
EMC-6LEMC-6L Controller
999-1010430-pin harness (3M)
999-1010718-pin harness (3M)
999-10077 48-pin mating connector kit
206-00083Liquid Thermistor (3/8”-18NPT)
206-00083MLiquid Thermistor (M12x1.5)
206-00084Dry Thermistor (3/8”-18NPT)
999-10213Thermistor mating connector