The Cascade controller offers automatic start and stop control with easy configuration for a broad number of applications.

This auto-start controller is designed to fit any engine-driven application requiring a simple and robust automatic start and stop sequence. Pumps, compressors, grinders, power units and generators are just a few of the industrial applications for the controller. The Cascade controller is fully compatible with all major engine types. Whether you are running mechanical or J1939 engines, the controller will work with your application. The Cascade CD101 controller can also be used to replace legacy ASM150, ASM160 and ASM170 controllers.

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Power input: 9-35VDC continuous – operates during total blackout for 2 seconds minimum.

Power consumption: Sleep Mode (Manual): 1mA typical; Sleep Mode (Automatic): 4mA typical.

Running Mode (Manual): 20mA typical; Running

Mode (Automatic): 24mA typical.

Operating/Storage temperature: -40 to 85°C; (-40 to 185°F).

Humidity: 0-100%, non-condensing.

Housing: UV stabilized black polycarbonate and epoxy encapsulation. Weather tight and includes sealing gasket to keep moisture and debris out of enclosure. Properly mounted controller will maintain NEMA4 / IP65
rating of enclosure.

Vibration: Rated to 6G.

Impact: Rated to 10G.

Inputs: Dedicated digital inputs for low oil pressure, high engine temperature, remote start, DC charge fail/Alternator fail. Two aux inputs are configurable for multiple functions.

Outputs: 7 – 4 auxiliary, configurable (1A DC protected). 3 dedicated outputs for Crank, Fuel/ECU, Alternator excitation.

Crank attempts: 3, 5, 10, Continuous.

Crank Rest: 5-60 seconds, adjustable.

Shutdown lockout time delay: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 seconds.

Crank disconnect speed setting: Field settable 0-9999 RPM (16-60Hz AC freq input).

Overspeed/underspeed trip point setting: ±5 to 50% of nominal.

Speed sensing inputs: Magnetic pickup (5-120VAC RMS / 0-10 kHz) & AC frequency (30-600VAC RMS / 16-80 Hz).

CANbus interface: Directly reads engine speed, & engine status data* from SAE-J1939 enabled engines.

MODbus interface: In J1939 applications drives PVA series analog gages.

*Engine status data limited to low oil pressure, high engine temperature, “Wait to start” status, Warning & Fault lamp information, and communication error.

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Part Number Model / Description Description
40700259 CD101 Cascade Controller Controller
40090045 CD101 Cascade Configuration Kit Accessories

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