CAN I/O Modules

Drive your equipment integration into the digital age and achieve enhanced diagnostics, on-screen troubleshooting and increased user efficiency. Seamlessly integrate these modules with our rugged PowerView displays for total equipment control.

Intelligent Xpansion™ Power Distribution Module

High current I/O module for integrated vehicle control

PowerCore® CXM-110

Programmable Expansion Module with Configurable I/O


Configurable input/output module.


J1939 to electric gage interface.


Input/Output module that translates mechanical engine data into J1939 compatible data.


Transmits fuel level to J1939 systems.


Configurable input/output module for J1939 engines.

Zero Off GPS Speed Control System

GPS speed control based solely on input from satellites and engine management systems

Murphy Industrial Harnesses

Standard and custom harnessing solutions built in the USA