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The SM135 is a flexible module for use in unattended industrial charging applications.

SM135 has a switchable output for use with 12V or 24V lead-acid, or 10 or 20 cell NiCd. Switch-mode power supply technology, with a low ripple DC output, allows the modules to be used with either vented or sealed cells. The SM135 is a highly efficient performance charger, designed for continuous float charging and standby battery applications. Switch mode technology gives major advances in power supply and battery charger design: compact and lightweight construction, improved efficiency and low heat dissipation, wide supply voltage tolerance and low output ripple. The result is fast, accurate charging, for optimum battery life and reliability. The wide input voltage range, from 95-277VAC, allows the charger to be used with all common single phase power supplies without adjustment. The very smooth DC output (<1% ripple) makes the SM135 suited for charging sealed VRLA, AGM and Gel batteries, as well as standard vented lead acid and NiCd cells.


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  • Power supply
    • Operating voltage: 95 to 277 V AC
    • Operating frequency: 47 – 440 Hz.
  • DC Charge Output
    • Nominal DC output: 4.5A, switchable 12 or 24V, lead acid or NiCd
    • Float/boost voltage: see ‘output calibration’ table
    • Output ripple: <1%
    • Line regulation: <1%
    • Load regulation: <1%
  • Charge Fail Output
    • Output type: solid-state transistor, active high (+DC), 200mA max., deactivated during fault conditions.
  • Physical
    • Operating temperature: –10 to +55°C / 14 to +131°F
    • Dimensions: see Dimensions diagram
    • Weight: 0.5 kg / 1.1 lb
    • Electromagnetic compatibility: EN50081-2, EN50082-2
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