Important Notice On Product Price Class Changes

All Murphy products (and associated part numbers) are assigned a price class (i.e. Class C, R, K). Customers have a discount off list price based on these price classes.

As we continue to refine our product focus, the need has arisen to add two new classes (IN and S) and allocate affected products to these new classes. Since many of our customers (particularly dealers) are familiar with the existing price classes, we wanted to provide information on products affected by these changes.

Existing and New Price Classes
Seven (7) classes exist today (C, CE, J, K, N, R, W). On January 15, 2007, two new classes (IN and S) will be added. Some items will be moving from the existing R class to IN. Others will move from the existing C (or W) class to S. List prices for these items will remain the same.

A few products are moving from Class C to IN (or Class R to C). This requires a list price change due to the difference in discounts for these classes. The list price will be raised (or lowered) as needed to compensate for the discount difference.

All of these changes initially should have minimal or no affect on the final selling price to our customers. However, pricing will be affected by any future list price changes (one has been announced effective February 19, 2007) or account discount changes, as the need arises.

Specific Products Affected*
Existing R Class item moving to the New IN Class

  • Meters: 60060 and VM-12/24
  • Diaphragm Level Switches: BLS
  • Digital Tach/Hour Meters: MT90 and MTH6
  • Speed Switches: HD9063, SS300, OS77
  • Annunciators: ST-series (ST-5, 8, 10, 16)
  • Rack Pullers: 7800-series
  • Diesel Fuel Valves: SV, CKV, PRV
  • Lights/Flashers: TL7, FL3, TL2
  • Autostarts: ASM200
  • Industrial Panels: A91, 75160, EA150, WO, WA, WD, WHB-series
  • Industrial Panel Accessories: DHK hoses, Diode Packages, Wire Harnesses (selected versions)

Existing C (or W) Class items moving to the New S Class

  • Level Maintainers: LM2000, LR857, LR579/589
  • Vibration Switches: VS2 (non-EX), VS94
  • Diaphragm Level Switches: DF755/757
  • Mechanical Timers: 5T, 15T, 12T, 24T
  • Electro-Mechanical Controls: AT03069, CO3
  • Electronic Controllers: EMS-series

Existing C Class items moving to New IN Class
(Both the list price and discount will increase for these items)

  • Rack Pullers: RP75
  • Autostarts: ASM150, 160, 170
  • Pyrometers: 10705146 and 10705147

Existing R Class item moving to the Existing C Class
(Both the list price and discount will decrease for this item)

  • Magnetic Switches: M42641CD

*Note: Product models listed above (and their variants) are the most popular items affected. But, other less popular items may also see similar changes.