Published Dec 06, 2016

Sun Hydraulics Corporation (NASDAQ: SNHY) completed its acquisition of Enovation Controls, LLC's Power Controls and Vehicle Technologies lines of business on December 5, 2016. Enovation Controls, LLC is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sun Hydraulics Corporation.

Published Nov 28, 2016

Tier 4 is the new Emission regulation for non-road diesel engines set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency. This regulation will reduce the amount of Particulate Matter exhausted by a diesel engine by 95%. Likewise, Nitrogen oxides, otherwise known as NOx, will be reduced by 90%, and sulfur oxides will be virtually eliminated from the exhaust gasses.

Published Nov 17, 2016

Enovation Controls has signed an agreement and announced that Sun Hydraulics Corporation was acquiring the Power Controls (PC) and Vehicle Technologies (VT) lines of business. In this process, they also acquired the Enovation Controls and Murphy brand names as well.

Published Sep 07, 2016

Enovation Controls announces its Computronic Controls brand of battery chargers will move to its Murphy brand.

Published Apr 19, 2016

Murphy’s PowerCore family just got bigger with the new TEC-10.

Published Apr 05, 2016

Founders Murphy and Guglielmo to lead company, supported by new COO position

Published Jun 05, 2015

This spring, Enovation Controls partnered with Tulsa Habitat for Humanity and Matrix Service Co. to help a local mother build and buy a house for herself and her two children.

Published Mar 20, 2015

Enovation Controls provided donations to local food banks in Tulsa Oklahoma, and San Antonio, Texas.

Published Mar 04, 2015

Enovation Controls announces its newest update to the Murphy PowerView® 380.

Published Mar 02, 2015

Rick Martich has been promoted from Senior Director of Manufacturing to Vice President of Global Manufacturing.