Enovation Controls Releases New Murphy PowerVision Version

Tulsa, Okla., USAEnovation Controls has released the latest version of its Murphy PowerVision Configuration Studio® with version 2.7. This major release offers usability improvements, fixes bug issues as well as offering new features.

The features and benefits of PowerVision 2.7 include:

  • Improvements to Page Designer including simplified and new widget and gauge types
  • Support for high-performance screen animation on color displays with no scripting
  • Better debugging support
  • Improved I/O features
  • Data logging now supports a time stamp as well as the the ability to discard old log entries when the log is full (circular buffer)
  • New Auto Discovery system  allows PowerVision to find connected displays and to switch between mulitple connected displays
  • Improvements to support larger more complex configurations via compressed data files for the embedded configuration and improved, complex actions

This improved version of PowerVision offers support for a new programming language called Activity Programming. This language is designed to allow a user that has a basic knowledge of simple flow control to create complex orchestrations without the need to learn complex language semantics such as C++ or Angel Script. Activity programs are capable of doing most of the processes common of structured programming languages such as loops, condition checks and variable management using a simple visual language. In addition, this language is supported on monocrome displays allowing users to build complex structured programs without the weight of scripting.

Murphy Standard Configurations have been upgraded to use the latest features and are now included in the tool. The standard configurations are the basis for most developers to start new projects. 

Training classes on the new software will be available at the Tulsa headquarters beginning in the spring. These instructor-led sessions will be taught by Murphy product experts.