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Create stunning displays with ease, thanks to OpenPVTM

Posted on: July 5th, 2023 by Kati Zumwalt

Are you a software developer looking for a versatile and customizable software platform? Look no further than the OpenPV™ Software Platform by Enovation Controls. This powerful platform offers rich modules and endless extensibility, allowing you to develop diverse applications. And the best part? It’s available as a free download from our website!

With the premium subscription to OpenPV™, you’ll have access to over-the-air updates, version management, and collaborative development. This means you can stay up-to-date with the latest features and work seamlessly with your team.

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Ready to get started? Download OpenPV™ now from the below link, our support page, or the individual OpenView™ product pages and unlock your potential today!

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Explore the possibilities with the new OPENVIEWTM SELECT SERIES displays

Posted on: October 9th, 2022 by Trevor McDanial

It’s finally here: a Linux powered, robust, ruggedized, and sophisticated high-resolution color display at an unbelievable price. Offered in both 5” and 7” display sizes, the new OpenViewTM Select Series displays are ready to bring the all-weather performance Enovation Controls’ displays are known for to new markets. By using the OpenPVTM Software Platform, you will be able to craft next generation User Experiences with your preferred toolset, including 3rd party development tools like Crank Storyboard and Qt. Gone are the days of being limited to a single proprietary tool to develop applications for Enovation Controls displays, opening the door for you to leverage a larger ecosystem of talent and resources.

Curious what OpenView can do for you?

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Enovation In Action: Storyteller Overland

Posted on: July 6th, 2022 by Marketing Communications

Enovation Controls is all about coming together to make something beneficial for everyone involved – and that’s exactly what we did! When we got in contact with Storyteller Overland about integrating our displays into their adventure vans, we knew it would be a great opportunity. The results speak for themselves!

“Being selected by Storyteller Overland is a true testament to the innovation we offer with our high-performance solutions and our commitment to responsive, highly engaged service” said Josef Matosevic, President & Chief Executive Officer at Helios Technologies. “We look forward to strengthening our relationship with Storyteller Overland by continuing to offer game-changing technology.”

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Looking for ways to add value to your next project? Enovation Controls and our network of capable distribution and integration partners are ready to put your application into action.

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Customer Testimonials: Peerless Engineering Sales LTD.

Posted on: April 28th, 2022 by Rusty Shock

Peerless Engineering Sales Ltd. is a Canadian family owned and operated company established in 1947. Peerless Engineering provides Motion Control and Automation Solutions utilizing Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Vacuum and Electronic technologies. Partnering with Enovation Controls as a system integrator, they utilize their technical expertise and support for Murphy, High Country Tek and Sun Hydraulics’ (Enovation Controls sister company) product lines.

Peerless offers its customers a step-by-step solution to Smart Hydraulics. They also design systems so their customers can digitally see inside and operate their mobile hydraulic systems and prime mover engines with Enovation Controls Powerview® programmable displays and controllers.

They design hydraulic systems with Sun Hydraulics’ proportional valve manifolds utilizing Bluetooth Embedded Amplifiers featuring a factory-integrated coil and connector combination. In addition to these services, Peerless Engineering provides programming support for Sun Hydraulic’s CANpoint software for communication via USB and CANBus adapter to PC.

We spoke with Peerless Engineering President Jeff Magnolo to learn more about Peerless Engineering and their experience providing automated solutions for their customers.

How has a partnership with Enovation Controls helped you win customers?

Jeff: Frequent technical discussions with Enovation Controls enables us to provide the best solution. We are extremely pleased with the quick responses we receive in both technical support and quick sales requirements, and the Enovation Controls team even goes the extra mile to assist us – sometimes outside of their product lines. We are so grateful that they have been on our side for sales, products assistance, and software support whenever we require support. We strongly believe Enovation Controls brings quality products to meet Peerless Engineering customer needs with 100% satisfaction. Enovation Control is always open to new ideas. They always do their best. They communicate. They listen to us. We are looking forward to strongly building Enovation Controls sales in our markets with their great team members.

What support do you provide your customers – during the sale and after the sale?

Jeff: Peerless uses a five-step approach to meet the needs of our customers from Agriculture to Military base. These steps include: (1) Analysis, (2) Design, (3) Development, (4) Implementation and (5) Evaluation. One example utilized the uControl™ mobile machine controllers and Powerview® display where we customized our customer’s application requirements. We also helped one of our OEM customers in the use of the HMI Display and other accessories for their truck with dual fuel combustion (Hydrogen and Diesel). It was a complex project with multiple IO devices involved, and the Peerless and Enovation Controls teams helped them to build their HMI and Control systems. Initially, the customer was hesitant to move forward – but after a series of back-and-forth technical discussions and our strong technical guideline support, the customer went forward which resulted in a very successful story!

We provided technical support beyond their expectations, after the project completion. For example, we guided their technicians to modify some of their parameters remotely because of the vehicle was on the road up north. We kept working with their requirements and technical supports. We provided detailed documentation, project support, and software support to achieve our customer’s goal on a tight schedule.

As a result, we successfully received more orders from the same customer within a few months, and now they are recommending Enovation products to their downline customers.

How does Enovation Controls help with these processes?

Jeff: Enovation Controls’ consistent support, preliminary design, detailed design, after sales support, answering technical questions and always providing timely, accurate responses, is a key contributor to our goals in providing strong customer support. They have a great technical support team that we lean on for these custom solutions. In addition, Enovation Controls is open to consider any medium or large-scale Peerless Engineering customer requirements.

In addition, the latest Enovation technology features minimized the after-sale support, such as CAN Bus integration, glove-friendly touchscreen, rugged design, technical documentations, and software examples for different customer needs. HMI display has DAY/Night mode, Landscape/Portrait software configurable options and Entertainment capabilities.

Are there any future projects you are partnering with Enovation Controls on that you would like to talk about?

Jeff: Currently, we are working on couple of projects. Our most recent project is “SKID Drilling” using Enovation controls’ PV1200® Display, a uControl™ MC4-26-20 mobile controller, with Joystick and Sun Hydraulic valve along with Power Vision and ACE software in Oil and Gas applications. Another project, “Motion Control” using uControl™ MC2-18-6 with tilt sensor for dual axis control, which is used in the movie production industry. We are already working with Enovation Controls on these exciting projects and look forward to many more projects to come.

For more information about Peerless Engineering and their services, visit:

Customer Testimonial: Pumps & Service

Posted on: April 14th, 2022 by Rusty Shock

Pumps and Service is a division of long-standing Henry Production, Inc., (HPI) which was established 60 years ago to serve the oil and gas industry. When its doors opened in 1962, Henry Production was the chief provider for natural gas compressors in New Mexico’s San Juan Basin.

In 1978, Henry Production opened Pumps & Service as its retail store, selling pumps and related equipment. Today, Pumps & Service sells and services pumps, compressors, controls, gauges, engines, generators, emissions compliance gear, and cooling towers for industries in oil and gas, mining, food processing plants, national laboratories, semi-conductor plants, wastewater treatment plants and many others. Pumps and Service is a trusted partner and Authorized Distributor of Murphy by Enovation Controls products.

We spoke with Pumps and Service Account Manager Bill Dutton to learn more about how the partnership with Enovation Controls helps both companies succeed in serving customers in a variety of industries.

How has a partnership with Enovation Controls helped you win customers?

Bill: Having Enovation Controls in our product line helps us to provide customers with solutions that fit what they are looking for. Enovation Controls offers products that we can use to equip or package solutions for a variety of applications; from simple monitoring gauges to advanced automated controls. Enovation Controls gives us the clear advantage of being a one-stop shop for our customers.

What support do you provide your customers – during the sale and after the sale?

Bill: Pumps and Service takes the extra step to ensure that our customers are getting the right part or solution for their needs. Our customer support team has well over 100 years of combined experience so we can pass that expertise onto the customer. Our service team is in the field every day helping our customers service and maintain their equipment, which gives us the opportunity to follow up on the product we sold into that market. This helps us stay abreast with the changing environment we work in.

How does Enovation Controls help with your service processes?

Bill: Enovation Controls helps us find and provide solutions for a lot of the controls and end devices the market is looking for. We can always count on Enovation Controls to provide fast quotes for parts and answers to technical questions that sometimes arise when installing new controls on equipment.

Pictured: Pumps and Service Hydra-Cell T100 Series Pump with an Enovation Controls EL150-EX Liquid Level Swichgage®.

For more information about Pumps and Service, visit:

Customer Testimonial: Macquarrie Corporation

Posted on: March 31st, 2022 by Rusty Shock

Macquarrie Corporation has a history with Murphy products that dates to over 50 years. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Macquarrie got its start through Sid Macquarrie, who began selling ex-World War II diesel engines and parts. From there, the business expanded to selling Murphy gauges and switches and now provides a wide variety of engine and machinery solutions. Macquarrie partners with their customers to deliver machine solutions in each step of the process, from prototype to successive models.

We spoke with Timara Talbot, the Managing Director at Macquarrie to learn more about how Macquarrie utilizes their expertise and partnership with Enovation Controls to create system solutions for their customers.

How has your experience been working with Enovation Controls and using Murphy products?

Timara: Macquarrie has a successful history with the Murphy product range that spans over 50 years of partnership. As the exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand, and the leading integrator of control, monitoring and protection solutions for engines and machinery in our territory, having world-class and leading-edge products is imperative. Murphy by Enovation Controls provides a range of gauges and monitoring instrumentation, manual and auto-start/stop controllers, HMI displays and CAN I/O devices.

We are a one-stop-shop for OEMs and other customers needing an integrator with the niche skills and service level to design, develop, and integrate a specific and customized control/monitoring system for their engine/machinery application. We are an extension of our customers’ teams working alongside them as their product develops over its life cycle.  For that reason, our customers are long-standing.

The team at Enovation Controls feels like an extension of our team and they are always willing to assist us win a tender, respond to technical questions, and keep us updated on new product developments.  While geographically we are across the other side of the world in Melbourne, Australia we have strong relationships across the entire Enovation Controls business. Importantly, this allows us to respond to pressing technical product and application questions in a timely manner as we have access to our team over in the U.S.

Are there any specific Murphy products that have helped you win with customers?

Timara: We won a tender to upgrade the control system of Heavy Tankers in the Emergency Services industry using the uControl™ MC4-26-20 (machine controller in the cabin) and IX3212 Intelligent Xpansion™ PDMs across the panels in the vehicle. Given this success, we are now working with this OEM to develop a PowerView® 1100 touchscreen diagnostic tool. It’s a super sticky solution and we are adding to it all the time with Murphy by Enovation Controls products.

We are also working on a defense specification vehicle control system which will have numerous IX3212 Intelligent Xpansion™ PDMs across the vehicle, and a PowerView® 1200 in the dash. The PV1200’s significant display area is perfect to showcase the numerous parameters required for this application. This is a multiplexed system where simplification is key.

What support do you provide your customers – during the sale and after-sale? How does Enovation Controls help with those processes?

Timara: We are an integral part of our customers’ teams and are consistently available for support with any matter. Given our solutions are customized, we provide updates to software as the product is modified or a new version is released. We also trouble-shoot any problems for solutions and we are always willing to lend a hand regarding the future path of the product. Our customers’ success is our success, and we pride ourselves on developing customized sticky solutions that exceed expectations.  Akin to this is the support we receive from Enovation Controls when we have urgent matters for attention.

Are there any future projects you are partnering with Enovation Controls on that you would like to share?

Timara: Given our success in the Emergency Services and Defense sectors we have increasing opportunities in these areas with the Murphy products. We are also expanding our product offerings in the local Marine market with tailored solutions.  Murphy’s high-quality, rugged environment specifications coupled with our strong capability in software development means the sky is the limit.  Electric vehicles are also high on our agenda as we are exploring projects within that industry.

To learn more about Macquarrie and the services they offer, visit:

Customer Testimonial: Lynch Fluid Controls

Posted on: March 24th, 2022 by Rusty Shock

Lynch Fluid Controls was founded in 1987 and serves as the vendor of choice for customers in need of hydraulic and motion control solutions. Headquartered in Canada, Lynch provides services in over 23 countries. Their vision of custom engineering solutions, automation and cutting-edge technology has enabled them to retain their competitive edge within the hydraulic motion control world. With the largest manifold design team and the most automated manifold manufacturing facility in North America, Lynch has what it takes to provide efficient and effective solutions for a large network of customers.

It’s easy to do business with Lynch. We offer customers the best service and support. Let us contribute to your bottom line and be your competitive advantage in today’s global market. In addition to manufacturing staff, our group includes: Inbound Technical Sales, Electronic and Hydraulic Design Engineers, International Market Support, Quality Systems Management and Continuous Improvement teams. Lynch products are found in many industries such as automotive, mining, plastics, logging, military, entertainment, medical and many others. We won’t limit ourselves, and neither should you…”

 -Ernie Lynch President and CEO

To learn more about Lynch Fluid Controls and how their vast experience helps them win customers, we spoke with Cam Edgar, who is a Senior Business Development and Sales Representative at Lynch.

How has a partnership with Enovation Controls helped you win customers?

Cam: Partnering with Enovation Controls has helped us expand our relationships with our customers and further support their technical needs. Working with Enovation Controls has also helped us to attract new clientele who are familiar with their products and know that Murphy by Enovation Controls is a trusted brand for a wide range of applications.

What support do you provide your customers – during the sale and after the sale?

Cam: Lynch provides our customers with an in-house control/electrical support team as well as access to a full engineering team. It is important to us that our customers are equipped with the tools and support they need to succeed in their business.

How does Enovation Controls help with these processes?

Cam: The Enovation Controls team communicates technical aspects well to our technical team and will even interact with clients on behalf of Lynch when required. Enovation Controls acts as an extension of our engineering team and works to provide our customers with the same services they provide to us.

Are there any future projects you are partnering with Enovation Controls on that you would like to share?

Cam: We are looking at a couple of application projects. One type of project involves building hydraulic test benches. The first unit is to qualify multiple types of valves for a military application. This unit offers the flexibility to pull valves and test and replace if needed in the field rather than pulling an entire manifold assembly out and shipping it back for testing. We are looking at this opportunity in mainly mobile and industrial markets.

The second project involves a dedicated bench to perform tests on newly assembled manifolds. This system has considerable data acquisition capabilities and can be applied to industrial applications.

To learn more about Lynch Fluid Controls and the services they provide, visit:

PV380: Stage V / Tier 4 Final Ready

Posted on: March 15th, 2022 by Rusty Shock

At Enovation Controls, we strive to clear a path for our customers with application-ready solutions that conquer complexity. We want to make sure your equipment is up for the task, and that you get the most out of your HMI display to ensure you have everything you need to get the most efficient results from your equipment.

To ease the burden of tough Euro Stage V emission requirements on our customers, we have been hard at work on new solutions designed to simplify the transitions. One of these solutions is the Stage V-compatible software package for our popular PowerView® 380 monochrome display. We spoke with the Director of International Sales, Osas Imade to learn a bit more about what the Stage V standard is, why it’s important and to see how this new software can save equipment owners time and effort.

What is Stage V?

Osas: Stage V is the current European exhaust emission regulation standard for non-road mobile machinery (NRMM) and is currently the most stringent machinery exhaust emissions standard worldwide. Compared with previous EU Stage IV (and the roughly aligned Tier 4 Final US EPA standards), Stage V in effect calls for: Reduced g/kWh emission levels for Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrocarbons (HC), Nitrous Oxides (NOx) and Particulate Matter/Mass (PM).

Under the Stage V legislation, Particulate Number (PN) requirements are now extended to more engines with the addition of low power <19kW/25hp and high power >560kW/750h engines which were previously not covered.


How does Stage V compare to the Tier 4 Final standard?

Osas: You will find huge jumps in the level of reduction of particulate matter (PM) going from non-tiered engines to tiered engines at levels 1 – 4. There is a smaller shift when you compare Tier 4 Final to Stage V engines. A lot of engine manufacturers anticipated the incoming Stage V legislation and have Tier 4 final engines which also meet the Stage V requirements. The main difference between Tier 4 final and Stage V is the extension of Stage V emission control to low power <19kW/25hp and high power >560kW/750hp engines not previously covered.


What is so difficult about Stage V, and how does this new software solve it?

Osas: In general, nothing is particularly difficult about implementing a Stage V solution. What the Stage V standard application software does is clear a path for our customers by ensuring the Stage V strategy for various engine OEMs are properly met. This means that when a particular engine is selected, the settings, messages and icons available to the operator are automatically set per the engine manufacturers’ guide.


How does using this new Stage V software differ from the software that comes with a PV380 today?

Osas: The new Stage V application on the PV380 goes beyond just configuring settings for each engine. It allows users to easily configure the I/O and provides a quick view of the status of the I/O. with the intuitive interface, users can set service reminders, view fault codes, configure torque/speed control (TSC1) messages right from the interface. Finally, the updated menu structure, including an engine selection menu, allows users to configure the PV380 to meet their engine and application demands.


How can someone start using this Stage V software?

Osas: If you are in need of a Stage V engine solution, you can download the PV380 Stage V software application with multilanguage support right on to your existing PV380 using our ECOM CAN device and the PowerVision Configuration Studio® toolkit. Once loaded, set up is made easy through the menu. Bookmark the PV380 Stage V page at our support site to remain up to date as new features and support for new engines are made to the software.


For more information about how Enovation Controls can help you solve Stage V, contact our EMEA Sales team or find your local authorized distributor.


Upgrade with uControl™ Mobile Machine Controllers

Posted on: March 2nd, 2022 by Rusty Shock

It’s time to give your equipment the upgrade it deserves. The uControl™ mobile machine controller holds the key to unlocking greater control of your machinery and is built to outstand the harshest of environments. With its flexible input and output options, our controllers are scalable and fit the needs of a variety of equipment. Curious what uControl can do for you?

Contact us and we will pair you with an application expert to answer your questions.

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Enovation Controls: Total Capabilities

Posted on: February 25th, 2022 by Rusty Shock

At Enovation Controls, we provide display, controller, and process monitoring solutions for a variety of markets. Through our capabilities platform, you can explore the endless possibilities and learn more about our products. You may have seen this resource at our trade shows, but now it is available anytime on our site.

In collaboration with our sister companies, you can also discover the capabilities of all of Helios Technologies subsidiaries: Balboa Water Group, Enovation Controls, Faster Group, and Sun Hydraulics.

Discover Enovation Controls Capabilities Here

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