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Customer Testimonials: DSF TECHNOLOGIES

Posted on: August 5th, 2022 by Marketing Communications

For more than 35 years, DSF TECHNOLOGIES has been striving to select the best partners to provide our customers with the best service, for the supply of products and solutions, measurement, control and protection for engines, generators and construction and agricultural vehicles. Our corporate values, extremely important to us, written in a charter and validated by all our employees are: Quality of life, Respect, Solidarity, Honesty, Integrity, Caring, Responsiveness and Communication.


How has a partnership with Enovation Controls helped you win customers?
Alain Ferrando, Managing Director: We strive to maintain a high level of consistency and quality in each function, from customer request processing to customer service. This strength allows us to offer our customers constant renewal and reliability of our solutions in terms of both our products and our services. Our aim is to be able to meet all the demands of our customers in our sector. Thanks to our collaboration with Enovation Controls, we can offer a new and relevant range of products, mainly with the PowerView range. On the other hand, thanks to the reputation of the Murphy brand and the quality of the products, we have been able to consolidate our partnership with our existing customers and start new partnerships with engine manufacturers/distributor. For the marine and off-highway market, the Stage V configuration developed by the UK Team help us a lot to win some new projects.

What support do you provide your customers – during the sale and after the sale?
Ferrando: At DSF TECHNOLOGIES, we help our customers to define their specifications and the best technical solutions for their projects. We accompany them throughout the development of their project until industrialisation. With the PowerView and uControl range, we are able to adapt and customize a configuration or develop a completely new configuration. Our customers particularly appreciate our presence during the first commissioning of their prototype. DSF TECHNOLOGIES has a large stock, which allows us to supply Enovation Controls products in record time for certain references.

How does Enovation Controls help with these processes?
Ferrando: What we are looking for with our partners is a win-win relationship. The Enovation Controls teams are always available for us and we regularly rely on it. Thanks to their experience with the different products and the programming of the PowerView screens, we always get a solution very quickly. Their help in developing a standard configuration for StageV applications, gives us a reliable basis for our customer-specific applications. Thanks to the UK team.

Are there any future projects you are partnering with Enovation Controls on that you would like to talk about?
Ferrando: Installation of 2 PV500 and one PV700 display from the Murphy Enovation Controls range The PV is a device mainly connected to an engine, allowing to display on its #screen all the data of the latter. The engine manufacturer has installed on board the GHIMAR Beau Bato, two PV500 connected respectively to the port and starboard engines, in the captain’s cabin, as well as a PV700 on the upper deck displaying on the same screen the data from both PV500. Thanks to its various advantages – Excellent screen quality, even in direct sunlight; A screen with a quick start; Customization of the SOFTWARE and the GUI – The PV is very well suited for industrial applications such as industrial thermal engines, generators and boats.



Customer Testimonials: Manamecsa

Posted on: June 10th, 2022 by Marketing Communications

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Manamecsa was founded in 2013, with the main goal of providing solutions to the Productive sector in Ecuador. The industries Manamecsa primarily serves are agriculture, shrimp farms, and marine. Since 2017, Manamecsa started to work with Enovation Controls to meet the demand of the brand known as “Murphy by Enovation Controls” in Ecuador.

To learn more about Manamecsa’s experience with Murphy products and the system solutions they provide for their customers, we spoke with their General Manager, Roberto Cedeño.

How has a partnership with Enovation Controls helped you win customers?

Roberto: Murphy by Enovation Controls branded products are well known in Ecuador. We are still a mechanical engine market where the use of switch gauges is predominant. The reliability and recognition of Murphy Swichgages make them the most requested brand in Ecuador. With products like PowerCore® controllers and PowerView® displays, we can reach customers that need more innovative solutions as well.

What support do you provide your customers – during the sale and after the sale?

Roberto: Manamecsa always offers technical support to our customers to help them choose the best solutions for their machinery requirements. We give support to our customer from the selection of the right solution to the installation and commissioning of the equipment. Our support is not limited to listening to customer requests. We take the initiative to offer the customer solutions that go a step further than what they initially had in mind.

How does Enovation Controls help with these processes?

Roberto: Enovation Controls’ Technical Support team plays a very important role in providing the necessary support for the proper implementation of our customers’ projects. From the design of the project to the installation process, Enovation Controls answers our technical questions in a timely and accurate way.

Are there any future projects you are partnering with Enovation Controls on that you would like to talk about?

Roberto: Our market is mostly mechanical motors and customers prefer Swichgages®. We are in a continuous process of presenting the benefits of using controllers and displays in their operations. Manamecsa started to develop some Remote Telemetry projects and we were able to implement those Remote Telemetry solutions for some of our customers. Telemetry is an area that we would like to develop more within our companies and in the Ecuadorian market.

To learn more, visit:

How to Plan Your Next Display Project: Success for the Future

Posted on: January 12th, 2022 by Rusty Shock

How do you turn big ideas into a display? The design possibilities of what you can do for your equipment can seem endless, but Enovation Controls and its integration partners have the experience and skill to help you build your dream display. Whether you are looking for a simple system interface or an innovative infotainment solution, we can help you execute your plans and exceed your expectations for your next project.

For this article, we talked to software design engineer Asish Madhavaram to learn more about the process of planning and building a display, what to expect when you partner with Enovation Controls and how we make your experience as seamless as possible.

Q: Can you take us through the process of how you typically start a display project? What is the first step?
A (Asish): In the initial stages of the project, we make sure to outline the problems the customer is currently facing and what their main goals are for their display. We deal with a wide range of customers – some customers know exactly what they want, and some customers are unsure of the specifics in what they are needing for their equipment. We encourage them to submit a requirements document so that we have them documented and signed off by everyone. In cases where our customer is not sure what they need, our application engineering team can step in, analyze their situation and Clear a Path by developing a project requirement document for them. With requirements submitted to our team, we scope the project and write out a plan on what needs to be accomplished.

Q: What is the behind-the-scenes process of creating the user interface design and software for our displays?
A: After we meet with the customer and learn about all the features they would like to implement in the software/design, we team up with our UI/UX team (user interface and user experience) to discuss these goals and present an example of what the display UI will look like. This is an iterative process that we go through until the customer approves the design. After the design is approved, we will start the software development process where we implement all the requirements.

Q: How do you manage working on projects for different industries?
A: We deal with a variety of customers in different industries and every customer we have has unique requirements and problems they need to solve. We have a lot of expertise in solving complex issues and use previous knowledge we gain from other projects and apply those solutions to future projects. Our products have proven to be flexible in nature and allow us to provide tailored hardware and software solutions specific to what our customer is looking for.

Q: Once you have completed the project with the customer, how involved are you after the production version is released?
A: We are very hands on throughout the entire display development process, including after the project is considered complete. If there is ever a question that they have about the usability of the display, or they decide after implementing the display into their machinery and using it for a while that they aren’t happy with the experience they are having with certain features, we are happy to get on a call or visit in person when needed to solve any problems they might be facing.

Enovation Controls and our integration partners are ready to be an extension of your team when working with you on your design projects. We have the expertise and interconnected engineering, design and sales teams to conquer complex issues and address your application needs as effectively as possible.


Distributor Spotlight: Kaiser‑Soze

Posted on: October 21st, 2021 by bobbydank

Versión en Español – Haga Clic Aquí

Kaiser Soze, SL was founded in 2000 and has extensive experience in the automotive, industrial and maritime markets in Spain and Portugal. In 2008, Kaiser Soze partnered with Murphy by Enovation Controls to begin integrating Murphy products into its business and the maintenance division was spun off from the company.

We spoke to Kaiser Soze’s CEO, Cristóbal Celaya, to find out more about the company and how his team uses their experience and expertise to deliver systems solutions to their clients.

What advantages does your corporate culture bring to the market?
Cristobal: Our main advantage is our experience and knowledge of our market. If our customers can’t find a solution, we will work with them to create one unique to their needs. Our company motto is: “always keep the door open”. We are a small company, which allows us to be very flexible in our solutions and offers.

What trends do you see as important for 2021 and how do you use Murphy products to meet those needs?
Cristobal: We have been in the process of switching from mechanical to electronic applications and Murphy products have helped our customers make that switch seamlessly.

Why do you tell your customers to use Murphy products?
Cristobal: Our main goal is to focus on finding the right solutions and products for our customers. Murphy products have a “name” and a solid reputation in our market and country which make them a good fit for our customers and their applications.

How does your company overcome the complexity of integrating Murphy products into system solutions?
Cristobal: We have 3 main departments within our company, (1) programming, (2) quality and (3) marketing and sales. In addition, our logistics and warehousing capabilities allows us provide engineering solutions and quality service efficiently.

What is the most interesting use of Murphy products that you have seen from a customer?
Cristobal: One of the most interesting uses we have seen of a Murphy product was a PowerCore® MPC-10 used as an engine panel in the marine market. We saw this particular use because of the high IP rating and a futureproof solution when the engines change from mechanical to electronic. The high quality and ruggedness of the MPC-10 made it perfectly suited to the tough marine environment.

For more information about Kaiser-Soze visit

The Top Five Most Underrated Process Monitoring Instruments

Posted on: September 30th, 2021 by bobbydank

The Murphy brand built its 82-year reputation providing quality process monitoring instruments for diesel, electric and mechanical engines. Enovation Controls still provides a complete line of Murphy instruments for monitoring pressure, temperature, liquid level, overspeed, time and vibration that are popular with customers around globe. They may not be as new and exciting as uControl™ mobile machine controllers, but these instruments are essential for mechanical engine applications. We talked with long-time Murphy sales manager Paul Kasishke to get his top 5 most underrated process monitoring instruments.

#5 – EL150 Level Swichgage®

The EL150 is a classic level switch option and has a variety of engine monitoring purposes. The primary use of the L150/EL150K1 is for engine cooling systems, surge or expansion tanks, condenser radiator or vapor phase systems, pressurized or atmospheric systems. This level Swichgage instrument can also be used to monitor lube oil, hydraulic fluid or diesel fuel reservoirs and activates alarms and/or shut down at a predetermined minimum level.

Paul says: “The EL150 Series Level Swichgage is used on mechanical diesel or spark ignited engines in dewatering, irrigation, sewage lift stations, and power generation oil and gas applications as well. This Swichgage is perfect for any engine that needs fluid level monitoring.”

#4 – TATTLETALE® Annunciators

Our tattletale annunciators indicate when a monitored function of a mechanical engine fails and tells you the specific function that failed and leads to an alarm or shutdown. Our annunciators can make a huge difference in protecting your engine to alert you of issues with your engine to ensure safety for your equipment and the operator.

Paul says: “Our tattletale annunciators are used on mechanical, diesel or spark ignited engines in dewatering, irrigation, sewage lift stations, power generation oil and gas applications as well. Our annunciators can be used on any engine or application that requires a higher current contact to open cause a shutdown.”

#3 – AT03069 Throttle Controller

The AT03069 is developed specifically to automatically control engine speed to meet system demand. This device saves you on fuel, engine wear, horsepower and labor all in one.

Paul says: “The AT03069 is usually used on mechanical, diesel or spark ignited engines in dewatering, irrigation, sewage lift stations, power generation and oil and gas applications that need a way to manually or automatically throttle the engine.”

#2 – PSB and TSB

The PSB switch is a direct-mount switch for critical pressure points. It has one limit contact that can be used to activate an alarm, actuate indicator lights or shutdown equipment. Like the PSB switch, but responsible for monitoring temperature, the TSB switch is a direct-mount switch for temperature sensing. It has one limit contact that can be used to activate an alarm, actuate indicator lights or shut down equipment.

Paul says: “These switches can be used on mechanical or electronic, diesel or spark ignited engines in dewatering, irrigation, sewage lift stations, power generation oil and gas applications as well. Any engine that needs pressure or temperature warnings or shutdown without the gauge dial to view the range of the parameter.”

#1 – Mechanical Swichgage® and Murphygage® Instruments

Our mechanical Swichgage and Murphygage instruments offer process monitoring for temperature, pressure, differential pressure and vacuum pressure. Swichgage instruments are high-quality diaphragm-actuated, dial gauges with built-in electrical switches. Used for tripping alarms and/or shutdown devices, the pointer acts as both an indicator and as one switch pole which completes a circuit when it touches the adjustable limit contact. Compact, gauge-only models without contacts (known as Murphygage instruments) are also available. Murphy gauges are easy-to-read, easy-to-install and work-tested and operator-approved.

Paul says: “Gauges are the most underrated item for any mechanical engine system. Our gauges feature a process connection and port as well as a diaphragm chamber machined from brass and not part of the case. The adjustable limit contact allows easy configuration to your application’s requirements.”

Not sure if you need gauges or a display? Click here for guide to choosing what’s right for your application.

Click here to find a local distributor who stocks these and other Murphy instruments

Introducing uControl™ Mobile Machine Controllers

Posted on: September 28th, 2021 by bobbydank

Sarasota, FL, September 28, 2021 — Helios Technologies (Nasdaq: HLIO) (“Helios” or the “Company”) a global leader in highly engineered motion control and electronic controls technology for diverse end markets, announced today the launch of uControl™ mobile machine controllers, an innovative new product offering developed under its Enovation Controls brand that delivers precise proportional control for heavy-duty equipment in ultra-rugged environments.

“The new uControl platform is a major opportunity for our customers with complex electro-hydraulic requirements,” said Josef Matosevic, the Company’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “With uControl mobile machine controllers, Helios now offers customers throughout our targeted markets a full lineup of rugged, robust solutions to address a broad array of mobile control system requirements.”

Engineered for heavy-duty equipment of all shapes and sizes, uControl mobile machine controllers are equipped with multiple CAN channels, have extreme durability and achieve total machine control with precision fluid-power and equipment performance. Originally previewed in 2020, the uControl MC4-26-20 controller, features extensive and software selectable I/O, with 26 total inputs and 20 total outputs. It is joined by the uControl MC4-21-14-H8 high-current controller, featuring 21 software selectable inputs with 8 configurable high-current outputs and 14 configurable standard outputs. Also included in the series are the mid-ranged uControl MC3-21-10 controller with 21 inputs and 10 software selectable outputs, and the compact uControl MC2-18-6 controller with 18 inputs and 6 software selectable outputs.

“uControl machine controllers are truly revolutionary with unique software configurable inputs and outputs,” said Doug Conyers, Vice President of Helios Center of Engineering Excellence. “Other controllers can be difficult to apply in diverse applications, but the flexibility uControl machine controllers provide reduces both development time and complexity.”

Fully sealed and rated to meet IP69K, uControl mobile machine controllers can handle the heat and vibration inside an engine compartment or anywhere else on equipment. The new uControl mobile controllers were designed for quick implementation and offer the flexibility to use CODESYS or ACE™, a new software development platform from Enovation Controls that accelerates development time and efficiency by helping experts create robust control and display software without writing code.

“Our premier distribution partners are ready to deliver uControl solutions to customers,” said John Shea, Chief Commercial Officer. “Not only are they prepared to integrate uControl machine controllers, a number of them also represent Helios’s Sun Hydraulics brand of fluid power motion control technologies and will be able to leverage both product lines to create engineered packages that reduce complexity and enhance the equipment experience.”

Additional features and benefits of the uControl™ mobile machine controllers:

  • Wide operating temperature range (-40°C to +105°C)
  • Fully-sealed IP67/IP69K protected enclosure
  • Soft-gel potted for shock and vibration resistance
  • Universal inputs and software-selectable, current-regulated PWM outputs
  • Configure hardware quickly with ACE™ from Enovation Controls, or program with CODESYS
  • Complies to CE mark per 2014/30/EU (EN 61326-1 & EN 60945)
  • Conforms to ISO 13766

About Enovation Controls
Enovation Controls is a fast growing, innovative manufacturer of rugged electronic controls and displays and is an international leader in fully tailored solutions for engines, engine-driven equipment and specialty vehicles. Enovation Controls provides a broad range of display, control and instrumentation products trusted by major OEMs around the world. With an internationally diverse team of more than 300 employees, Enovation Controls serves customers around the world with global sales, manufacturing and engineering operations along with a worldwide network of authorized distributors and system integrators.

About Helios Technologies
Helios Technologies is a global leader in highly engineered motion control and electronic controls technology for diverse end markets, including construction, material handling, agriculture, energy, recreational vehicles, marine, health and wellness. Helios sells its products to customers in over 90 countries around the world. Its strategy for growth is to be the leading provider in niche markets, with premier products and solutions through innovative product development and acquisition.

Premier Distributor Spotlight: Iowa Fluid Power (IFP)

Posted on: September 24th, 2021 by bobbydank

Iowa Fluid Power (IFP) is a growing motion control corporation headquartered in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Their customers include industrial and mobile OEMs, industrial manufacturers, and users of fluid power technologies. Combined with their knowledgeable sales team and expansive inventory, IFP can design, prototype, manufacture, and service any conceivable motion control system.

We spoke with IFP Director of Marketing Sara De Berg to learn more about how IFP utilizes their expertise to provide customized system solutions for their customers.

What advantages does your company cultures provide the marketplace?
Sara: Respect and fairness are the bedrock qualities of our company culture. We stress transparent communication. We strive to ensure everyone is involved, relevant and heard. Our company supports physical, financial, and mental well-being. We encourage employees to regularly evaluate internal processes to help improve them. This curbs stagnation, improves efficiency, and spurs profitable growth. It’s not all work and no play, however IFP believes in a satisfying work-life balance. We make some time for fun and relaxation every day.

What unique needs do your customer have and how do you solve them?
Sara: We are a full-service fluid power and electronics systems and controls manufacturer located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We have the capability of satisfying all your fluid power needs from standard “base-pak” vertical power unites and pneumatic systems to full-service custom solutions and custom manufactured components. Our capabilities include:

  • Rapid Response Delivery – We pre-design and stock sub-components allowing us to deliver custom-designed power units in as little as one day.
  • Rapid Response Design – Our unique approach enables us to provide a level of design and documentation few others can achieve.
  • Leading Technologies – Our capabilities include variable displacement pumps with horsepower limiting, servo and proportional valves, open and closed loop control, and position control with linear and rotary transducers.
  • All System Sizes – We design and engineer systems of all sizes from small units requiring fractional horsepower to large-scale electro-hydraulic systems.
  • Turnkey Systems – We can provide our customers with a complete turnkey project from concept through installation and start up.

What is a competitive advantage you provide your customers?
Sara: (1) Improving their equipment through electronic controls, (2) increasing productivity through automation and intuitive designs, (3) improved trouble shooting/diagnostics with display screens showing inputs/output values, (4) CAN mapping, (5) functional interlock maps, (6) flexibility in manufacturing, and (7) using one program and then selecting models/options installed on the display.

What trends do you find important for 2021 and how would you use Murphy products to address those needs?
Sara: (1) Telematics:

  • Using a telematics solution to run simple machine controls and view data.
  • There is a need for a telematics package with additional capabilities and flexibility.
  • We are excited to see where Enovation Controls takes their telematics technologies.

(2) Incorporating non-hydraulic (higher amp) machine items into the control system like lights, fans, motors and clutches:

  • We have been using the Intelligent Xpansion™ Power Distribution Module for this.
  • The new design is simplifying the process and getting high inrush loads working.
  • We are starting to use the MC4-21-14-H8 to combine higher load items with hydraulic valve controls into one device.

(3) A need for larger displays:

  • We are eager to see what Enovation Controls has planned for their PowerView display lineup.

(4) Combining machine controls in combination with engine controls:

  • Using the PowerCore® MPC-10 outside of its traditional machine control capabilities.

Why do you tell your customer to use Murphy products?
Sara: There is a large selection of displays – from small monochrome displays to large color displays that are easy to see in direct sunlight. Murphy products are made for the rough mobile environment. The support after the sale is also excellent and they are made in the USA!

How does your company conquer complexity by integrating Murphy products into system solutions?
Sara: Application Expertise – hydraulic and electronic. Programming Expertise – putting the application requirements into a workable solution.

What is the most interesting use of Murphy products you have seen a customer use?
Sara: We had a customer use a PV1100 display as a dual-purpose display – engine dash and machine control at the same time. You are able to select one of 5 screens for both the top and bottom.


IFP will be exhibiting at Utility Expo September 28 – 30! Don’t forget to stop by and visit them at booth A1550.

For more information about IFP visit

Enovation in Action: Zero Off® GPS Speed Control

Posted on: September 22nd, 2021 by bobbydank

Why is the Zero Off GPS Speed Control system so essential for wakesport athletes? Just ask multi-time world and national water ski jump champion Freddy “The Nightmare” Krueger. Zero Off’s speed control technology is evolving from simple displays to highly configurable touch-screen experiences integrated into the latest boats from major OEMs. Powered by the engineering expertise at Enovation Controls, Zero Off unlocks a consistent experience for wakesport athletes and enthusiasts.

There really is no comparing an average driver to Zero Off. What makes Zero Off essential for wakesport athletes is the consistency of the pull. Hundredths of a second make such a difference. Any inconsistency with what the boat is doing on the athlete can completely ruin a run. Anywhere in the world you can get behind a boat that has Zero Off on it and you know what to expect, you know it’s going to be consistent, and it really changes the mindset for the athlete to attack the course or the ramp. Forget the average driver, there’s not a driver in the world that can give you the kind of consistency that Zero Off can.
Freddy Krueger, Champion Ski Jumper

Looking for ways to add value to your next project? Contact our sales team to learn how the engineering experts at Enovation Controls are ready to put your application into action.

Enovation Controls in Action is an ongoing series highlighting innovative customer applications of Enovation Controls products. Have a project you want to recommend? Click here to let us know!

Enovation Controls Welcomes New Authorized Distributor

Posted on: September 17th, 2021 by bobbydank

Enovation Controls is proud to announce a new partnership with Spindletop Energy Products who now represent us as an Authorized Distributor.

Spindletop Energy Products is a fully integrated distributor of energy products supplying and servicing all sectors of the domestic energy and industrial markets headquartered in Beaumont, Texas. Their company specializes in the distribution and servicing of control equipment products, emission products, instrumentation and compressor components through an extensive store network strategically located in nearly all of the major oil and gas producing regions of the US.

Our authorized partners are your best local source for Enovation Controls products and service with short lead times and expertise in your specific applications. For more information on authorized sales and integrators in your area please visit our Find a Distributor page.

Fortune and Great Place to Work® Name Enovation Controls One of the 2021 Best Workplaces in Manufacturing & Production™

Posted on: September 10th, 2021 by bobbydank

Tulsa, OK  – September 10, 2021 – Enovation Controls, a global leader in display and control solutions for engine-driven equipment and vehicles, has been named to FORTUNE Magazine’s 2021 list of Best Workplaces in Manufacturing & Production. This marks Enovation Control’s second time ranking on the annual list, signifying the overall quality and consistency of experience employees have across a number of job roles and backgrounds.

“We are thrilled to be recognized in this prestigious list and it is a testament to the culture we’ve created at Enovation Controls where every employee is empowered to enrich the lives of the people we work with, at home and in our communities,” said Billy Aldridge, Senior Vice President and Managing Director at Enovation Controls. “We could not have achieved this honor again without the hard work and support of our employees, and I am very proud to see their efforts recognized.”

The list is based on more than 220,000 employee surveys conducted by Great Place to Work, a global authority on workplace culture. The survey captures overall employee experience, including sentiment about growth and development, as well as company values, innovation and leader effectiveness. Enovation Controls took the number 6 spot in their 2021 rankings of small and medium-sized (less than 1,000 employees) manufacturing & production companies.

“The Best Workplaces in Manufacturing & Production have shown incredible care for their employees,” says Michael C. Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work®. “In 2020 and beyond, these companies rewarded the hard and unrelenting work of their employees by creating a safe space for them to thrive in their careers and in their personal lives.”

Earlier this year, Enovation Controls was recertified as a Great Place to Work® for the third year in a row. Using validated employee feedback gathered with Great Place to Work’s rigorous, data-driven methodology, the certification confirms nine out of 10 employees have a consistently positive experience at Enovation Controls.

For more information on open roles at Enovation Controls, please visit the careers page.

About Enovation Controls
Enovation Controls is a fast growing and innovative manufacturer of electronic controls and displays for diverse markets. We are an international leader in fully-tailored solutions for engines, engine-driven equipment and specialty vehicles with a broad range of displays, controls and instrumentation products. With an internationally diverse team of over 300 employees, we serve customers around the world with global sales, manufacturing and engineering operations. Enovation Controls also partners directly with OEMs and supports a worldwide network of authorized distributors and system integrators. Visit us at and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

About the Best Workplaces in Manufacturing & Production™
Great Place to Work® selected the Best Workplaces in Manufacturing & Production™ by gathering and analyzing confidential survey responses from more than 220,000 employees at Great Place to Work-Certified™ organizations. Company rankings are derived from 60 employee experience questions within the Great Place to Work Trust Index™ survey. Read the full methodology.

About Great Place to Work
Great Place to Work® is the global authority on workplace culture. Since 1992, they have surveyed more than 100 million employees worldwide and used those deep insights to define what makes a great workplace: trust. Their employee survey platform empowers leaders with the feedback, real-time reporting and insights they need to make data-driven people decisions. Everything they do is driven by the mission to build a better world by helping every organization become a great place to work For All™. Learn more at and on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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