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Introducing the PowerView P70

Posted on: November 16th, 2023 by Kati Zumwalt

The revolutionary PowerView™ P70 by Enovation Controls is an extraordinary advancement in display technology that seamlessly combines the exceptional features of the PV485 and PV700, to redefine user interaction with equipment and control interfaces.

The P70 boasts a generous 7-inch edge-to-edge touchscreen that enhances visibility with its unparalleled sunlight-readability.  Whether working in full sunlight or in low-light environments, users can rely on the P70 to deliver uncompromised performance.  Built with durability in mind, the P70 is designed to withstand the rigors of challenging environments. Its rugged construction ensures resilience against vibrations, shocks, and exposure to the elements. This durability not only safeguards the longevity of the display but also reinforces its reliability in mission-critical applications where precision and consistency are paramount.

The P70 stands as a testament to Enovation Controls’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in display technology. Its combination of a spacious touchscreen, sunlight-readability, and rugged design sets a new standard for user interfaces in the industrial and commercial sectors.  Elevate your equipment operation experience – choose the PowerView™ P70 by Enovation Controls.

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