Published Apr 28, 2022

Peerless Engineering Sales Ltd. is a Canadian family owned and operated company established in 1947. Peerless Engineering provides Motion Control and Automation Solutions utilizing Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Vacuum and Electronic technologies. Partnering with Enovation Controls as a system integrator, they utilize their technical expertise and support for Murphy, High Country Tek and Sun Hydraulics’ (Enovation Controls sister company) product lines.

Peerless offers its customers a step-by-step solution to Smart Hydraulics. They also design systems so their customers can digitally see inside and operate their mobile hydraulic systems and prime mover engines with Enovation Controls Powerview® programmable displays and controllers.

Published Apr 14, 2022

Pumps and Service is a division of long-standing Henry Production, Inc., (HPI) which was established 60 years ago to serve the oil and gas industry. When its doors opened in 1962, Henry Production was the chief provider for natural gas compressors in New Mexico’s San Juan Basin.

In 1978, Henry Production opened Pumps & Service as its retail store, selling pumps and related equipment. Today, Pumps & Service sells and services pumps, compressors, controls, gauges, engines, generators, emissions compliance gear, and cooling towers for industries in oil and gas, mining, food processing plants, national laboratories, semi-conductor plants, wastewater treatment plants and many others. Pumps and Service is a trusted partner and Authorized Distributor of Murphy by Enovation Controls products.

Published Mar 31, 2022

Macquarrie Corporation has a history with Murphy products that dates to over 50 years. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Macquarrie got its start through Sid Macquarrie, who began selling ex-World War II diesel engines and parts. From there, the business expanded to selling Murphy gauges and switches and now provides a wide variety of engine and machinery solutions. Macquarrie partners with their customers to deliver machine solutions in each step of the process, from prototype to successive models.

Published Mar 24, 2022

Lynch Fluid Controls was founded in 1987 and serves as the vendor of choice for customers in need of hydraulic and motion control solutions. Headquartered in Canada, Lynch provides services in over 23 countries. Their vision of custom engineering solutions, automation and cutting-edge technology has enabled them to retain their competitive edge within the hydraulic motion control world.

Published Mar 15, 2022


At Enovation Controls, we strive to clear a path for our customers with application-ready solutions that conquer complexity. We want to make sure your equipment is up for the task, and that you get the most out of your HMI display to ensure you have everything you need to get the most efficient results from your equipment.

Published Mar 02, 2022

It’s time to give your equipment the upgrade it deserves. The uControl™ mobile machine controller holds the key to unlocking greater control of your machinery and is built to outstand the harshest of environments. With it’s flexible input and output options, our controllers are scalable and fit the needs of a variety of equipment. 

Published Feb 25, 2022

At Enovation Controls, we provide display, controller, and process monitoring solutions for a variety of markets. Through our capabilities platform, you can explore the endless possibilities and learn more about our products. You may have seen this resource at our trade shows, but now it is available anytime on our site.

Published Jan 12, 2022

How do you turn big ideas into a display? The design possibilities of what you can do for your equipment can seem endless, but Enovation Controls and its integration partners have the experience and skill to help you build your dream display.

Published Dec 06, 2021

Enovation Controls' partners are known for delivering amazing solutions for customers with the same passion and customer-focus as working with Enovation Controls directly. MurCal, a premier distributor based in Palmdale, California, has served Murphy customers in the western United States for more than 60 years. When one of their customers, Smith Power Products, needed new controls for an equipment repower project, MurCal knew just how to help.

Published Nov 30, 2021

OEMs and operators have the same goals, but some of the requirements of modern equipment have unique pain points. Keeping up with the latest innovations in technology and integrating solutions that meet necessary safety and emission requirements can be a challenge for OEMs to deliver intuitively. User experience is the key to connecting the operator to their machine, but they need features that keep their machinery running and keep them informed.