Excite Automation & Controls

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Excite Automation and Controls is a fully-integrated distributor of dependable control equipment. We supply high-quality, high-performance Control Panels , End Devices, Pressure Relief Valves, Control valves, level controls, gauges, and more. Our products are used in Oil and Gas, Petro Chemical, Marine, Agriculture and more.

Excite Automation & Controls specializes in the distribution of Control Panels, End Devices, Control Valves, Electric motors, Emission products, and other Instrumentation. Our goal at Excite Automation & Controls is to provide efficient and technical solutions to our customers. Our sales and operation teams are ready to serve you and to offer the best solution to keep your assets operating efficiently. As a service-first partner, Excite Automation & Controls is a continuous improvement champion—dedicated to quality, ensuring best practices, and a results-driven customer experience.

DTS Fluid Power

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DTS Fluid Power, a leader in engineered hydraulic systems, is a mobile fluid power distributor and manufacturing facility specializing in hydraulic components and custom-designed fluid power systems for mobile OEM customers. Partnering with DTS Fluid Power, an Applied Fluid Power network company, delivers you immediate access to one of the largest teams of Certified Fluid Power Specialists, Certified Electronic Control Specialists and Certified Fluid Power Mechanics and Technicians.

Womack Machine Supply Company

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Womack is an Industrial Distributor of Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Automation Equipment with corporate offices located in Farmers Branch, Texas. Womack has been helping customers solve their hydraulic, pneumatic and industrial controls and automation challenges for over sixty years. We help people by inspiring them to do more than they ever thought possible through smarter motion control. We bring the highest quality manufacturers from around the world to local equipment builders and manufacturing facilities to solve their problems. We do this by acquiring the customer’s technical parameters and design requirements and recommending the most effective solution. Our solutions save production time, increase equipment performance, increase safety, provide our customers competitive advantages, and make our customer more profitable.

Warden Electric

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Warden Electric Company is a fourth-generation company that has been serving the needs of the electro-mechanical industry since 1937. We proudly became a Master Distributor for Enovation Controls in 2009. Please contact us at anytime to see how we can help you.Warden Electric Company is a fourth-generation company that has been serving the needs of the electro-mechanical industry since 1937. We proudly became a Master Distributor for Enovation Controls in 2009. Please contact us at anytime to see how we can help you.

Techno Gamma Techniek b.v.

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RJ Mann & Associates

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RES Energy Solutions

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RES Energy Solutions is a leading provider of production and compression products to the upstream and midstream energy markets. The company is guided by the principals of safety, ethics and quality and our commitment to continuous improvement means we only partner with the highest quality suppliers and support our customers through unparalleled customer service.

Rajkot Marine LLC / Rajkot Diesel Machines Tr. Est.

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Rajkot Marine LLC / Rajkot Diesel Machines was established in 2003. Rajkot Marine LLC / Rajkot Diesel Machines offers a wide variety of products, sales and aftermarket support to a diverse range of industries and commercial businesses covering the field of industrial, off-highway, power-gen, oil and gas offshore and on-shore, and marine applications. We have a strong project, technical and service team meeting the unique needs of customers with a complete solution approach.

Pumps and Service

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Pumps & Service is a division of long-standing Henry Production, Inc., (HPI) which was established almost 60 years ago to serve the oil and gas industry. When its doors opened in 1962, Henry Production was the chief service provider for natural gas compressors in New Mexico’s San Juan Basin. In 1978, Henry Production opened Pumps & Service as its retail store selling pumps and related equipment. Today, Pumps & Service sells and services pumps, compressors, controls, gauges, engines, generators, emissions compliance, and cooling towers for such industries as: Oil and Gas, Mining, Food Processing Plants, National Laboratories, Semi-Conductor Plants and Wastewater Treatment Plants.

Power Systems, LLC.

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Power Systems brings you a lean, attentive, high-performance team of experts within the umbrella of a much bigger company. We’re able to give our partners focused, hands-on support. At the same time, we provide remarkable flexibility, fast response and cost-effective solutions to meet your needs – from simple to complex (electro-hydraulic control networks, hydraulic power delivery via pumps, motors, valves, cylinders, fluid conveyance and rotational power transfer).

As an Applied Fluid Power company, Power Systems brings you a world-class network of fluid power companies. Not only do we deliver global reach, but you can also expect brand-name components and expert engineering. When you partner with Power Systems, you’re working with the nation’s largest hydraulics engineering team and the leader in fluid power design and integration, motion control and lubrication solutions. Our engineers are experts at networking engines to a wide range of machine control platforms. We’re able to deliver integrated solutions, custom-engineered to take on even the most involved manufacturing jobs – providing greater efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Power Systems provides engineering, design and systems integration for industrial and fluid power applications, as well as customized mechanical, fabricated rubber and fluid power shop services. We engineer solutions that deliver full machine control – integrating hydraulics and motion control through a central controller. And we have the resources to design a dynamic solution that integrates your machines’ electronics and hydraulics – with a simple user interface – to provide the power management your machinery requires.

We also offer maintenance training and inventory management solutions. The systems we build are designed to be managed by our customers. And our expert team of engineers is here to work with you – throughout the entire design, installation and implementation process.

Power Ignition & Controls – Appalachia

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Power Ignition & Controls Appalachia, an Equipment & Controls, Inc company, provides engine, compressor and industrial equipment control products and solutions to a wide array of industries. PICA has proudly sold Murphy by Enovation Controls products and solutions for many years in the Northeast. Contact us today to learn how we can help you design and implement a solution with Murphy products.

Peerless Engineering Sales Ltd.

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Peerless Engineering has been providing motion control solutions to our Western Canadian mobile and industrial customers since 1947. Our innovative motion control, electrohydraulic and automation solutions are brought to life through fully understanding your system requirements, creative ingenuity and our electronic technical expertise. Our engineering design team will work closely with you every step of the way.