Customer Testimonials: Peerless Engineering Sales LTD.

Peerless Engineering Sales Ltd. is a Canadian family owned and operated company established in 1947. Peerless Engineering provides Motion Control and Automation Solutions utilizing Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Vacuum and Electronic technologies. Partnering with Enovation Controls as a system integrator, they utilize their technical expertise and support for Murphy, High Country Tek and Sun Hydraulics’ (Enovation Controls sister company) product lines.

Peerless offers its customers a step-by-step solution to Smart Hydraulics. They also design systems so their customers can digitally see inside and operate their mobile hydraulic systems and prime mover engines with Enovation Controls Powerview® programmable displays and controllers.

They design hydraulic systems with Sun Hydraulics’ proportional valve manifolds utilizing Bluetooth Embedded Amplifiers featuring a factory-integrated coil and connector combination. In addition to these services, Peerless Engineering provides programming support for Sun Hydraulic’s CANpoint software for communication via USB and CANBus adapter to PC.

We spoke with Peerless Engineering President Jeff Magnolo to learn more about Peerless Engineering and their experience providing automated solutions for their customers.

How has a partnership with Enovation Controls helped you win customers?

Jeff: Frequent technical discussions with Enovation Controls enables us to provide the best solution. We are extremely pleased with the quick responses we receive in both technical support and quick sales requirements, and the Enovation Controls team even goes the extra mile to assist us – sometimes outside of their product lines. We are so grateful that they have been on our side for sales, products assistance, and software support whenever we require support. We strongly believe Enovation Controls brings quality products to meet Peerless Engineering customer needs with 100% satisfaction. Enovation Control is always open to new ideas. They always do their best. They communicate. They listen to us. We are looking forward to strongly building Enovation Controls sales in our markets with their great team members.

What support do you provide your customers – during the sale and after the sale?

Jeff: Peerless uses a five-step approach to meet the needs of our customers from Agriculture to Military base. These steps include: (1) Analysis, (2) Design, (3) Development, (4) Implementation and (5) Evaluation. One example utilized the uControl™ mobile machine controllers and Powerview® display where we customized our customer’s application requirements. We also helped one of our OEM customers in the use of the HMI Display and other accessories for their truck with dual fuel combustion (Hydrogen and Diesel). It was a complex project with multiple IO devices involved, and the Peerless and Enovation Controls teams helped them to build their HMI and Control systems. Initially, the customer was hesitant to move forward – but after a series of back-and-forth technical discussions and our strong technical guideline support, the customer went forward which resulted in a very successful story!

We provided technical support beyond their expectations, after the project completion. For example, we guided their technicians to modify some of their parameters remotely because of the vehicle was on the road up north. We kept working with their requirements and technical supports. We provided detailed documentation, project support, and software support to achieve our customer’s goal on a tight schedule.

As a result, we successfully received more orders from the same customer within a few months, and now they are recommending Enovation products to their downline customers.

How does Enovation Controls help with these processes?

Jeff: Enovation Controls’ consistent support, preliminary design, detailed design, after sales support, answering technical questions and always providing timely, accurate responses, is a key contributor to our goals in providing strong customer support. They have a great technical support team that we lean on for these custom solutions. In addition, Enovation Controls is open to consider any medium or large-scale Peerless Engineering customer requirements.

In addition, the latest Enovation technology features minimized the after-sale support, such as CAN Bus integration, glove-friendly touchscreen, rugged design, technical documentations, and software examples for different customer needs. HMI display has DAY/Night mode, Landscape/Portrait software configurable options and Entertainment capabilities.

Are there any future projects you are partnering with Enovation Controls on that you would like to talk about?

Jeff: Currently, we are working on couple of projects. Our most recent project is “SKID Drilling” using Enovation controls’ PV1200® Display, a uControl™ MC4-26-20 mobile controller, with Joystick and Sun Hydraulic valve along with Power Vision and ACE software in Oil and Gas applications. Another project, “Motion Control” using uControl™ MC2-18-6 with tilt sensor for dual axis control, which is used in the movie production industry. We are already working with Enovation Controls on these exciting projects and look forward to many more projects to come.

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