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Lynch Fluid Controls was founded in 1987 and serves as the vendor of choice for customers in need of hydraulic and motion control solutions. Headquartered in Canada, Lynch provides services in over 23 countries. Their vision of custom engineering solutions, automation and cutting-edge technology has enabled them to retain their competitive edge within the hydraulic motion control world. With the largest manifold design team and the most automated manifold manufacturing facility in North America, Lynch has what it takes to provide efficient and effective solutions for a large network of customers.

It’s easy to do business with Lynch. We offer customers the best service and support. Let us contribute to your bottom line and be your competitive advantage in today’s global market. In addition to manufacturing staff, our group includes: Inbound Technical Sales, Electronic and Hydraulic Design Engineers, International Market Support, Quality Systems Management and Continuous Improvement teams. Lynch products are found in many industries such as automotive, mining, plastics, logging, military, entertainment, medical and many others. We won’t limit ourselves, and neither should you…”

 -Ernie Lynch President and CEO

To learn more about Lynch Fluid Controls and how their vast experience helps them win customers, we spoke with Cam Edgar, who is a Senior Business Development and Sales Representative at Lynch.

How has a partnership with Enovation Controls helped you win customers?

Cam: Partnering with Enovation Controls has helped us expand our relationships with our customers and further support their technical needs. Working with Enovation Controls has also helped us to attract new clientele who are familiar with their products and know that Murphy by Enovation Controls is a trusted brand for a wide range of applications.

What support do you provide your customers – during the sale and after the sale?

Cam: Lynch provides our customers with an in-house control/electrical support team as well as access to a full engineering team. It is important to us that our customers are equipped with the tools and support they need to succeed in their business.

How does Enovation Controls help with these processes?

Cam: The Enovation Controls team communicates technical aspects well to our technical team and will even interact with clients on behalf of Lynch when required. Enovation Controls acts as an extension of our engineering team and works to provide our customers with the same services they provide to us.

Are there any future projects you are partnering with Enovation Controls on that you would like to share?

Cam: We are looking at a couple of application projects. One type of project involves building hydraulic test benches. The first unit is to qualify multiple types of valves for a military application. This unit offers the flexibility to pull valves and test and replace if needed in the field rather than pulling an entire manifold assembly out and shipping it back for testing. We are looking at this opportunity in mainly mobile and industrial markets.

The second project involves a dedicated bench to perform tests on newly assembled manifolds. This system has considerable data acquisition capabilities and can be applied to industrial applications.

To learn more about Lynch Fluid Controls and the services they provide, visit:

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