Customer Testimonial: John H. Carter

Founded in 1933, John H. Carter Company provides a wide range of products, services, and support for industrial, commercial, and municipal customers. Today, John H. Carter operates eighteen facilities across five states delivering on their core commitment to customer service excellence. John H. Carter Company is one of the largest and most comprehensive manufacturer’s representatives in the region. They deliver innovative and industry leading products, services, and expertise to help customers operate safely, reliably, and efficiently.

Our long partnership with John H. Carter and the EngineWorx team greatly profits end customers in the Gulf Coast region. EngineWorx skillfully integrates our many products and technologies to provide unique solutions tailored to customers’ specific applications.”
Juliane Davis, Enovation Controls Manager of Distribution

We spoke with Joey Mire, Director of ControlWorx at John H. Carter to learn more about how both companies work together to create unique system solutions for their customers.

How has your experience been working with Enovation Controls?

Joey: Over the years, working with Enovation Controls’ product line has truly been a positive experience and most importantly, has allowed EngineWorx to provide positive results for our customers. The robust PowerCore and PowerView hardware platforms, complimented by the programming flexibility within PowerVision Configuration Studio, has allowed EngineWorx to tackle many unique applications. EngineWorx is proud of our technical resources and the solid support by Enovation Controls helps strengthen our team.

Are there any specific Enovation Controls products that have helped you win customers?

Joey: There has been numerous times that Enovation Controls’ products have helped win customers and have contributed to the customer’s success. A specific item is the XM500 CAN I/O Module. The XM500 product has helped us automate more than just engines, being useful on a wide variety of occasions.

What support do you provide your customers during the sale/after-sale? How does Enovation Controls help with those processes?

Joey: Sterling Customer Service is our key growth strategy, and our Total Customer Commitment (TCC) program is our “gravity”, keeping us grounded on the importance of a satisfied customer. This commitment to customer support exists across all aspects of customer engagement, from early applications engineering, to the commissioning of a new solutions, to lifecycle support. Enovation Controls’ consistent support, by answering technical questions and always providing timely, accurate responses, is a key contributor to our goals in providing strong customer support.

Are there any future projects you are partnering with Enovation Controls on that you would like to talk about?

Joey: We are using Enovation Controls’ C1, D2 approved PV450, along with PowerVision software, to program the specific tasks required for control of GHG emissions reduction systems in Oil and Gas applications.


Tell us a little bit about your latest project you completed with the integration of a PV1200 (w/PV350) on a mobile drilling rig, displaying engine, rig positioning, and drilling data. How will this project help you win business and provide solutions for your customers? What other projects do you have planned for the future using Enovation Controls/Murphy products?

Joey: EngineWorx recently completed a project using a PV1200, PV350, and XM500 that had great success. The drilling rig used a custom configured XM500 to monitor the field I/O and broadcasted via CAN Bus protocol to the PV1200 display. The PV1200 display showed both numeric and graphic representations of all the drilling pressures, jack status, and rig plumb/level. The PV1200 also provided the customer with a maintenance bypass button so that the machine could be moved without forcing an engine shutdown. Our customer also used a separate PV350 display unit to monitor the engine data on the drilling rig. Our customer has expressed a great amount of thankfulness for the help that EngineWorx/Enovation Controls has provided on this project as no other vendor had success in helping them meet their standards.

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