Touch Screens & Redundant Controls for Life-Critical Applications

Enovation Controls is committed to providing safe, high quality, product solutions that may include capacitive touch screen technology. These products may be employed in a variety of industries and applications. Our touch screen displays are designed with extremely rugged features to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

We recognize, however, that products such as touch screens are inherently a wireless technology, and potentially susceptible to false touches even under ideal environmental conditions. Some applications may therefore require touch screen capability augmented with redundant controls. We recommend that you use redundancy for control of life-critical applications, such as confirmation touches and/or hard button presses with associated warnings.

In general, we advise that any safety-related control should include redundancy, whether related to touch screen technology or not. We encourage our customers to fully assess the risk of life-critical and other safety-related applications, and to consult with us and their end users when designing these solutions.

DCN: 4Q00924
Revised 6/30/2017

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